Comprehensive product offering

  • USP, NF grades, and medical device gases in cylinders
  • Bulk O2 USP, N2, NF, and N2O USP
  • Portable O2 systems
  • Dry ice for temperature-controlled lab and transport applications
  • Medical gas manifold sales, installation, service, and inspection
  • Blood gas mixers
  • Lung diffusion
  • Laser mixes

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Medical and Research Gases photo
Medical and Research Gases

Care providers breathe easier.

Medical and Research GasesAt nexAir we know that patients’ lives are on the line. Our line. That’s why we supply only the highest-quality, purist medical gases available—in both bulk and cylinder formats. We know running out is not an option. So we install and maintain highly efficient systems that ensure seamless gas delivery. And we know you’ve got more pressing things to worry about than cylinder inventory or federal compliance. That’s why we provide inventory management services, and we take all the certification and compliance steps necessary to provide real peace of mind to patient and caregiver alike. For hospitals, freestanding surgery centers, and home healthcare companies, nexAir delivers performance under pressure.

Quality assurance

  • ISO 9001:2000—certified gas production plant
  • In-house chemist and specialty gas laboratory for exact mixing
  • Cylinder check valves for consistent gas purity and greater product yield
  • Supply systems
  • Installed, maintained, and owned by nexAir to ensure high performance

Worry-free compliance

  • Full-time FDA compliance manager on staff
  • Full-time medical gas certification and inspection specialist
  • NFPA-compliant installation
  • NFPA annual facility reviews
  • Certified for system upgrades or changes that require breaking lines

Maximum safety

  • Hazardous-material emergency response team on staff
  • Equipment and manpower for hospital gas-supply system shutdowns
  • Medical gas alarm systems, testing, and sales
  • Careful color-coding and labeling
  • Training programs for safe handling and storage of cylinders

Maximum support

Hospitals trust nexAir with their bulk O2 USP needs. In fact, we supply millions of cubic feet every month. You can rely on us for:

  • Experienced technical and sales personnel
  • Local support centers
  • Cylinder inventory management services
  • Telemetry system on cryogenic vessels
  • Specially designed vehicles for both bulk and cylinder distribution (meet DOT and CGA criteria)