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Micro Bulk - How it works!
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All the benefits of bulk in a smaller, more affordable system.

For many operations, cylinders aren’t efficient enough, and full-size bulk applications just aren’t practical. Connect with a micro-bulk system from nexAir. We use the best equipment available to create a permanent tank installation that will fit your facilities and your budget. nexAir offers micro-bulk solutions that meet the needs of general industry and the stringent demands of high-purity lab applications.

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Micro-Bulk Technologies

There’s nothing “micro” about these advantages.

Improved efficiency

  • Tanks sizes from 450 to 2000 liters
  • Highly accurate programmable gauge
  • Telemetry-ready—allows nexAir to monitor supply levels
  • Automatic truck delivery with no-loss filling process
  • No cylinder handling or inventory management
  • No lost gas from idle cylinders venting
  • Gas mixers available for blending common welding gas mixtures such as AR/CO2 and AR/OX

Consistent purity

  • Ultra High Purity tank systems available
  • Ideal for lab applications
  • Ideal for welding gas applications
  • One dedicated tank for your application
  • No contamination from recycled cylinders
  • One High Purity gas source for multiple machines

Greater safety

  • Lower operating pressure than high-pressure cylinders
  • Fewer job-related injuries (no cylinder handling)
  • Greater peace of mind

Significant savings

  • Reduces product usage up to 20%
  • Reduces cylinder handling costs
  • Reduces insurance costs
  • Eliminates floor damage and frees up valuable work/storage space


  • Laboratory—inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry (ICP/ICP-MS), gas chromatograph (GC), and biological storage
  • Welding—MIG, pulsed MIG, TIG, and laser beam
  • Cutting—plasma, oxy/fuel, and laser
  • Light and compact to fit neatly against wall
  • Proven reliability
  • 24/7 service from nexAir professionals
  • No time-consuming ordering or run-outs because someone forgot to order

Find out more.

For more information, or to request a quote, call our Support Center toll-free at 888-nexAir4 (888-639-2474). Or visit the Contact Us page.