The best equipment

  • Industry-leading manufacturers
  • Cutting machines
  • Robotic work cells
  • Robotic arms

Money-saving expertise

  • Automation consultants
  • Welding, shield gas, and process analysts
  • Fully staffed repair department for welding machines and plasma cutting systems

Optimize your fabrication operation.

Ever wonder if your systems and procedures are as efficient as they could be? Do you know what overwelding, spatter, improper bead shape, and cleanup are costing you? Call in STAT, the Strategic & Tactical Assessment Team from nexAir. We’ll help you find ways to increase efficiency so your company can be more productive, save time, and save money.
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Metal Fabrication

Technology—and the expertise to make it perform

The level of efficiency in your welding operation often determines your business’s level of success. You need the best equipment, certainly, but also the expertise to get the most from it. nexAir can supply both. We offer a multimillion-dollar inventory, on-site consultation and analysis, and experienced repair technicians to keep your welders welding. Our STAT program can optimize your welding efficiency to reduce effort, waste, and cost.

What’s the strongest bond your welding operation can make? A bond with nexAir—delivering performance under pressure.

Major Product Lines

(Grinding Wheels/Sanding Disks)

Arc Gouging



Gas Apparatus

Hose/Welding Cable

(MIG/TIG/Engine Drives)

MIG Consumables

Plasma Equipment

Plasma Consumables

Power Tools
(Grinders/Air Drills)

TIG Consumables


Saw Blades

Specialty Alloys

Stud Welding

Welding Electrodes

Welding Wire

Multimillion-dollar inventory in a centralized ISO-certified warehouse

Backup inventories in strategic locations

Demonstration centers throughout the Mid-South

Easy ordering by phone, fax, or the Internet

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