STAT - Strategic Tactical Assessment Team

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STAT—Strategic Tactical Assessment Team

Ever wonder if your systems and procedures are as efficient as they could be? Do you know what overwelding, spatter, improper bead shape, and cleanup are costing you? Call in STAT, the Strategic & Tactical Assessment Team from nexAir. We’ll help you find ways to increase efficiency so your company can be more productive, save time, and save money.

Every team is custom-assembled for the job at hand. We consider the specific nature of your business and the challenges you face. Then we bring together professionals who can help you make the most of your operation, including gas specialists and welding process consultants.

We study everything from how gas is delivered to how your welders work on a daily basis. Then we go back and prepare a comprehensive report of our findings.

When we present our report, we’ll recommend ways to operate more efficiently. We’ll show you your best gas-delivery option. We’ll help you match fabrication equipment to each task for maximum effectiveness. In short, we’ll offer solutions. Best of all, we’ll give you an estimate of just how much you can save and what your return on investment will be.

The STAT steps to reducing your welding costs.

1. Analyze and document current processes

We measure wire feed speed, current, electrical stick-out, voltage, travel speeds, and all other variables at every welding station. We also take note of material thickness, joint configuration, and fit-up. With all this information in hand, we then determine your present efficiency and whether improvements can be made.

2. Test suggested modifications

Making suggestions isn’t good enough. We try changes in your shop to determine if they make a measurable improvement in the process. All parameters in step one are recorded again and compared. Once we have seen measurable improvement, we calculate the savings you can expect from the modifications.

3. Implement new procedures

We provide written welding procedures for your operations, spelling out all the parameters that need to be closely watched. We bring these procedures into the shop and work with each welder to make sure they follow them properly.

4. Train your personnel

To ensure optimum efficiency and long-term savings, we work in small groups with supervisors and welders, reinforcing their understanding of the process and educating them on troubleshooting and problem-solving. Training begins on the shop floor and continues in the classroom for a 3- to 4-hour session.

5. Save time and money

When the program is complete, you enjoy increased travel speeds, reduced or eliminated cleanup and grinding, and other efficiencies. As you become familiar with the procedures, you can determine which ones to use for new jobs. Bead shapes improve and are more consistent from welder to welder. With STAT, you can lower your production costs while raising the quality of your product.