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Hydrogen (H2) is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that will burn with an invisible, clean flame. This gas is lighter than atmospheric air. Hydrogen is the only fuel gas that does not contain carbon and has the highest thermal conductivity of all gases, making it an ideal gas for many different industries and their needs. Hydrogen is available in gaseous form. 

Industrial Uses


In its liquid form, hydrogen (H2) is used as a fuel for rocket engines of varied sizes and applications. In the aerospace industry, hydrogen gas fuels rockets and powers life-support systems and computers in space environments. It is also used for metal sintering and annealing.


As a heat treating furnace atmosphere, hydrogen (H2) reacts with oxygen to produce a bright finish on steel parts. It also makes an excellent industrial quench gas because of its high heat transfer properties. When used as an alternate fuel, hydrogen plays a key role in reducing undesirable emissions.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Hydrogen (H2) is mixed with argon to create a range of argon/hydrogen mix shielding gases for both TIG and plasma welding of stainless steel and particular nickel alloys. Hydrogen can also be used with argon in a range of gas mixtures for plasma-cutting of stainless steel and aluminum materials. In metal production, H2 can also be used for production of carbon steels and other special metals.

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