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Sometimes you just need a standard gas — but you still need it to be reliable. That is why our industrial gases adhere to top-tier quality and safety standards. And when you rely on our high-volume fill plants and KnowHow™ to get the job done right, you know you will never be without the gas and knowledge that you need.

No matter the requirements, we can fill it! Our gases are filled and stored how you need it

  • High-pressure cylinders – Often used with inert and oxidizing gases at high pressures in volumes from 10 to 400 cubic feet.
  • Low-pressure cylinders-  For specific gas needs like acetylene and propane in volumes from 10 to 390 cubic feet.
  • Liquid cylinders – Used for liquid supply of inert gases like liquid argon or liquid oxygen used in welding applications.
  • Skids – For small purge jobs, skids often contain argon, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, or oxygen cylinders manifolded together.
  • Microbulk systems – For businesses requiring a permanent installation of tanks from 450 to 7,000 liters that are filled on-site. Is bulk too big? A nexAir microbulk gas system might be just right.
  • Tube trailers – Used when high volume and high pressures are required, often for helium or helium mixes, hydrogen, and nitrogen.
  • Portable bulk systems – For large offsite jobs often containing argon, oxygen, nitrogen or any other gas.
  • Bulk systems – For businesses requiring a custom installation of high-volume tanks up to 13,000 gallons and equivalent. Need more volume? A bulk gas system might be right for you.

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