PortaGreen Sustainable Gas Cylinders

Portable Calibration Gases and Regulators

A recyclable cylinder program designed for use in the industrial hygiene and environmental markets.

PortaGreen™ — Innovative and sustainable cylinders

Features and Benefits:

Improves cylinder handling and safety
  • Cylinders are more compact than standard cylinders
  • Eliminates HAZMAT liability of disposal
  • Increased shelf life and gas stability
Easy to Return
  • Eliminates steps associated with standard cylinder disposal
  • No return paperwork necessary
  • Saves money – no return or disposal fees
  • Reduces carbon footprint
portagreen recyclable cylinders logo with cylinders of various sizes

Easy and Safe Return Process

PortaGreen is our line of recyclable and sustainable gas cylinders. Available in four sizes, the PortaGreen cylinders are more compact than standard cylinders and can be conveniently returned using our Strip and Ship Program.

The Strip and Ship Program reduces the work — and the cost — associated with standard cylinder disposal. For each empty cylinder, just follow these quick simple steps:

Portagreen Return Process Step 1

step 1

Make sure the gauge reads zero
Portagreen Return Process Step 2

step 2

Strip off content label to reveal prepaid return label beneath it
Portagreen Return Process Step 3

step 3

Provide prelabeled cylinder to carrier for easy return

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