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Aerospace programs demand top-tier people, resources, and suppliers to stay ahead. Your challenging production timelines can benefit from not only relying on our gases and equipment, but from the collective KnowHow of our nexAir team. Commercial, private, or experimental your aerospace program will get a reliable supply of manufacturing and test gases while ensuring safety, compliance and control for you and your team. Our industrial gases, supplies and KnowHow allow our aerospace and aircraft customers to meet safety standards, reduce costs and continue to Forge Forward in their industries.

nexAir is proud to support aerospace and aircraft programs that are helping us launch into our future. We work hard on the ground so that your business can take off.

Industry Gases



Argon (Ar) has many applications in the aerospace and aircraft industry. It is a versatile industrial gas that is used in the production of lightbulbs and lasers, as well as, welding applications. Because argon is an inert gas, it’s also commonly used in vacuum carburizing and many other heat treating processes.



Nitrogen (N2) is essential to the aerospace and aircraft industry. Nitrogen is used in wind tunnels, heat treating furnaces and autoclaves to help create lightweight and strong materials. Our aerospace and aircraft customers also use N2 from nexAir as an assist gas in laser cutting applications.



Hydrogen (H2) is used as fuel in rockets. It also powers life-support systems and computers in space environments. Hydrogen is also used for metal sintering and annealing.



Liquid Oxygen (O2) has long been used in bipropellant vehicles.

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