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Chemical testing and production requires repeatability and reliable quality gases—and those are just two things that nexAir does best. By applying our KnowHow to your needs, we can help you achieve higher efficiency combustion with oxygen-enriched gases or make your cryogenic systems more efficient with the perfect gas mix for faster cooling. Combustion, cooling, or anything in between, our in-house chemists will work with you to keep you running with high-grade gases for your facility.

Learn more about our Specialty Gases created in our own gas lab and get in touch with us so we can help you Forge Forward in your scientific endeavors.

Industry Gases


Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is used as a raw material in organic and inorganic chemical production. It can often replace solvents in chemical synthesis and separation processes.


Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a fundamental part of the chemical industry. It is one of the building blocks for many industrial chemicals including methanol, acetic acid, isocyanates, oxo alcohols and many more important chemicals used and fabricated in this industry.



Because it remains a gas at extremely low temperatures, helium (He) is used to detect leaks in chemical processes and cool analytical equipment.



In the chemical industry, hydrogen (H2) is used to manufacture ammonia and methanol, but is also vital in the making of a wide range of other key products including aniline, cyclohexane and a range of non-edible oils, plastics and insulation materials.



Nitrogen (N2) is used as a pressurizing agent in the chemical industry, and it can help propel liquids through pipelines. It is also used to shield oxygen-sensitive materials from the air.



Oxygen (O2), when used in its purest form, is used to produce many important chemicals such as ethylene oxide and titanium dioxide. Oxygen is also used to increase the production capacity and efficiency of the oxidation process.

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