You Can Breathe Easier Knowing You Have the Right Gas… At Any Depth

We understand that providing the right mix of gases for different types of diving is absolutely critical. We use our KnowHow to better understand and to provide the various mixes that allow for work and recreation beyond normal depths. When so much is on the line, we are ready to deliver what you need in order to seek, explore, work, or recover. Safely.

Industry Gases



Because of its thermal insulation properties, argon (Ar) is used to inflate dry suits for deep sea diving.



Helium (He) is an industrial carrier gas for oxygen in synthetic breathing mixtures, enabling deep-sea divers to conduct scientific explorations and develop offshore oil and gas resources.



Nitrogen (N2), the main component of air, is the most affordable and most common industrial gas for shallow diving.



Oxygen (O2) is an essential component of every breathing gas mixture. Mixes that contain less than 21% oxygen are used in technical diving as deep breathing gases.

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