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Your business relies heavily on products for blast chilling, flash freezing, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) at the highest quality. Our products, along with the collective KnowHow of our trained professionals that truly understand your business, can ensure your food and beverage products are meeting the highest quality standards. We can also deliver reliable sources of dry ice for production, storage, and transportation of food and beverages that are always safe, fresh, and delicious. Ask us how we can help you fill up on solutions when you contact nexAir to talk with one of our gas and process experts.

Industry Gases


Carbon Dioxide

In the food and beverage industry, carbon dioxide (CO2) is a key component in cooling, chilling and freezing applications. This helps protect the taste and texture of your food products by maintaining proper temperature control. Carbon Dioxide also reduces the need for preservatives in food packaging. It is also the essential ingredient in carbonated beverages, creating fizz and playing a key role in pressurization.


Carbon Monoxide

The use of carbon monoxide (CO) in fresh meat packaging has positive effects on overall meat quality, enhancement of red coloring, reduced lipid oxidation and microorganism growth inhibitions, which result in shelf-life prolongation during wider distribution of case-ready products.



Along with carbon dioxide, nitrogen (N2) is also a key cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and freezing. Because nitrogen is extremely cold, immersion freezing in liquid nitrogen is the fastest freezing method known for producing individually quick frozen foods. N2 also plays a key role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off-flavors, while giving strength to retail packaging.



Oxygen (O2) is used in agriculture to deliver the dissolved oxygen levels that are needed for high production levels and fish health. Oxygen is also key in providing increased levels of dissolved O2 levels for enhanced aeration and aerobic digestion in food wastewater systems.

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