Welding Positioners: Making Welding Jobs Safer, Faster, and Easier

Welding Positioners: Making Welding Jobs Safer, Faster, and Easier

For manufacturers and welders in today’s competitive business environment, the ongoing welder shortage means they need to provide excellent results with fewer resources and shorter lead times. Manufacturers must meet production and customer demands, while welders must keep up with productivity requirements. 

But how can companies meet targets without overworking their employees to exhaustion and dissatisfaction if they can’t hire new welders? To solve this, they must explore sustainable ways to maintain productivity. This is where automation comes in.

From increasing productivity to improving product quality and promoting shorter workweeks for employees, automation has emerged as a boon to several industries, particularly manufacturing.


Welding Positioners to the Rescue

One of the top automation tools that promise results and respite for welders is the welding positioner, a device designed to increase a welder’s comfort and maximize their time and energy.

If you’re looking to purchase one, our nexAir team can help you Forge Forward confidently by filling you in with all the essential details. And if you’re on the fence about whether you need a welding positioner for your company, taking a look at their top benefits may help convince you.


Benefits of Welding Positioners

Improved Safety

Rigging with cranes and dealing with large fixtures and weldments that weigh hundreds of pounds is not only difficult for welders but hazardous, too. A welding positioner enhances operator safety by eliminating the need to manually hold and adjust materials and weldments. Furthermore, welding positioners make it easier to access hard-to-reach areas, unlike standard handling equipment, allowing savings on time and energy.

Increases Return on Investment (ROI)

Welding positioners offer a high ROI as they help streamline manufacturing and assembly processes. This results in maximized labor hours and resources and increased efficiency and productivity. Overall, welding positioners contribute to higher throughputs, reduced consumables, and eventually, bigger profits.

Furthermore, welding positioners also make it easier for new employees to learn their job quickly, reducing time spent on training.

Improved Weld Quality

While newbie welders can use the positioner for better results in less time, seasoned welders can use the positioner to produce flawless welds effortlessly.

Furthermore, welders traditionally subject themselves to dangerous or awkward positions to get the right angle to reach far-off weldment parts, often resulting in inaccuracies. Welding positioners eliminate errors arising from manual handling and manipulation of components, thus significantly improving weld quality and accuracy.

Additionally, when welders feel safe and comfortable, they can focus on producing the best results.

Improved Ergonomics

Ergonomics is all about comfort and productivity. Positioners will help reduce your employees’ fatigue since they’ll no longer need to kneel, bend, or assume awkward and dangerous positions to complete their job. Since welding positioners can rotate up to 360 degrees, the welder only needs to adjust the positioner, not so much their body.


Forge Forward With nexAir KnowHow

A welding positioner is ideal if you’re looking to enhance the safety of your work environment. It’s also an excellent investment if you’re short on welders and want to retain skilled team members by streamlining processes and making their job safer and less stressful.

nexAir provides industry-leading welding positioners engineered by pioneers in the field and capable of handling components up to 35,000 pounds. Our nexAir KnowHow team can train your employees to use them optimally for peak performance and longevity.

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