Be in the Know with nexTrack

Be in the Know with nexTrack

Few things cause more worry on operational floors than being out of the loop or in the dark about when exactly a much-needed supply is supposed to arrive. Delays in supplies interrupt operations and have the potential to impact your bottom line.

nexAir readily meets these challenges by being a reliable provider that offers consistent service with on-time and trackable deliveries. We understand that timely deliveries and transparency in shipments are mission-critical elements for smooth operations.

You need responsive and helpful partners like us who are committed to providing timely supplies, equipment, and services. nexAir has the technology, capabilities, and industry-specific expertise to support you with smart and practical solutions coupled with agile execution.

nexTrack: Providing Next-Gen Logistics Solutions
nexTrack is a technology solution that provides our customers with a seamless and convenient way to track delivery times and locations, accurately monitor and manage assets, and easily adjust orders.  

Here’s are some of nexTrack’s features:

Roadnet gives customers real-time updates on arrival times while ensuring that the right order is delivered at the right time. It features geo-coded delivery locations, detailed delivery schedule windows, and client-specific notes that reduce delays and confusion.


  • You don’t have to check your order status. Roadnet is automatically updated.
  • You’ll be the first to know if there’s any change in the expected time of arrival (ETA) or delivery status.
  • You can choose which types of notifications to receive and how you receive them.
  • Roadnet provides end-to-end alerts during the entire delivery process.
  • Our customer support center can let you know the truck’s exact location at any given time.

ACM (Advanced Cylinder Management)
ACM allows us to manage all our cylinders across plants, branches, and customer sites with unique identification numbers and barcodes. These are then scanned throughout the cylinder’s life cycle from the time it leaves the plant until it is returned. 

ACM is a systematic and organized way to control quality, manage inventory, monitor the supply chain, and internally allocate and audit supplies on-site.


  • Accurate, real-time cylinder information
  • Well-utilized assets and fewer shortages
  • More detailed reports
  • Better cylinder fill history tracking
  • Less need for physical audits
  • More accurate way of monitoring customer cylinder balances
  • Paperless shipping and return processing
  • No empty cylinder delivery
  • More accurate internal allocation and department credit system

TED (TIMS Electronic Delivery)
TED provides paperless and speedy on-site updating of purchase orders, delivery quantities, and lot numbers that immediately reflect on your receipts. It also lets drivers make emergency route changes and expedite or reschedule deliveries based on customer needs. 

It enables on-site printing or emailing of the Proof of Delivery straight from the driver’s mobile phone.


  • Electronic updating of order and delivery documents
  • Enables more agility and flexibility in deliveries
  • Enables responsiveness to customers’ changing needs
  • Provides timely updates and adjustments that are crucial to customers’ operational needs


nexAir: Your Reliable Supply Chain Partner
nexTrack is guided by our two main priorities: to help you Forge Forward while giving you the KnowHow to do so. 

Forge Forward focuses on giving you the industry tools and technology you need to remain competitive. Having the latest tools and technology, however, aren’t enough. This is why we make it a point to share our applied industry knowledge with KnowHow. Industry professionals from the nexAir team partner with you in identifying solutions that improve efficiency and margins while helping you grow your business.

At nexAir, we not only deliver high-quality industrial gases and equipment, but we also provide a seamless technology-enabled supply chain through nexTrack. We believe that with the right tools and partner, you can Forge Forward with the right KnowHow to meet the dynamic demands of the market.


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