Does Dry Ice Blasting Kill Mold?

Does Dry Ice Blasting Kill Mold?

Mold in the home or business can be detrimental and poses a serious health hazard to humans, animals, and even structural elements of buildings. If mold is discovered in a home or workplace, a certified mold inspector will most likely need to identify the extent of the mold damage. Abrasive blasting, specifically dry ice blasting, can remediate mold in your home or business quickly and efficiently!


You may ask yourself, does dry ice blasting kill mold? In short, mold is very difficult to kill completely and often requires toxic chemicals to do so. However, dry ice blasting makes mold removal safe, time-efficient, and extremely easy. If mold is completely removed from a space, then there is almost zero percent chance of it returning – that is, if the source of moisture creating the mold is fixed. With dry ice blasting, there are no deadly chemicals required to kill the mold and there will be no toxic dust hazard after the mold is disturbed. Plus, the removal of mold can be done in one pass with dry ice blasting. This creates a much safer environment for everyone in both the short term and the long term. 


So, what is dry ice blasting exactly? This convenient process is a form abrasive blasting, or a way of cleaning that uses air or a centrifugal wheel to launch abrasive particles at a surface. With dry ice blasting, solidified carbon dioxide is pressurized and then compressed to create hard ice pellets. The standard pellet size for dry ice blasting is 1/8-inch, and at nexAir, we supply the correct dry ice pellets and the most efficient dry ice blasting machines to get the job done.


Different hose sizes and nozzles allow for a large variety of applications for dry ice blasting. This makes dry ice blasting as a form of mold removal very efficient for hard-to-reach places, like crawl spaces and attics. Very textured or detailed surfaces can also be easily cleaned with dry ice blasting. There is also a lot less labor required, as there is no scrubbing or sanding that needs to be done by hand. Plus, with less labor needed, project completion times are greatly reduced by utilizing dry ice blasting. Another huge plus with dry ice blasting for mold removal is that dry ice is a non-conductor of electricity. This means that appliances and wires do not need to be shut down or dismantled during the blasting. This is very handy when removing mold from HVAC systems and ducts.


With dry ice pellets and blasting from nexAir, you can rest easy knowing that the mold in your space is removed successfully and completely. Forge Forward into a healthy future with nexAir! We have the knowledge, technology, and techniques to assist you with dry ice blasting and beyond. Give us a call today for more information on how we can help you with abrasive blasting and more!

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