Gases in the Diving Industry

Gases in the Diving Industry

Exploring the world’s oceanic depths, whether for recreation or commercial purposes, requires reliable diving gases that have the utmost quality. After all, lives are at stake.

nexAir helps divers and businesses Forge Forward by providing them with the right gas mixtures for their needs and underwater activities. Whether you’re exploring regular depths or are deep-sea diving, you can trust nexAir’s gas supply.

nexAir: Helping You Reach New Depths
The diving industry is a growing sector with more and more fields like the military, science, commercial businesses, and sports engaging in the activity. 

nexAir provides the precise and correct blend of gases to ensure that divers can breathe easily, without risking decompression, narcosis, and other gas-related hazards.

Our gas products are made to suit different purposes for diving.

Diving for Fun
nexAir gases support recreational diving. Whether you’re exploring the marine ecosystem, or are performing more advanced technical dives like cave diving and shipwreck diving, nexAir will be right there with you. You can count on our supply to give you the oxygen you need.

Diving for Defense
Diving is widely carried out in military missions like subsea and coastal surveillance, search and rescue, combat, ship maintenance, facilities construction, salvage operations, and more. 

Enlisted men trained in SCUBA or deep-sea diving require a reliable supply of breathing tank gases so they can carry out their missions without a hitch.

Diving for Scientific Pursuits
Deep sea discoveries are possible by enabling scientific divers to reach extraordinary underwater depths for data gathering and observation. This can mean staying underwater for extended periods. 

High-grade breathing supplies are therefore important to facilitate precise measurements, specimen collection, surveys, photo documentation, and equipment installations.

Diving for Business
Off-shore commercial industries like gas exploration, underwater engineering, and pipeline maintenance require regular and extensive diving operations. 

nexAir’s team of experts understands their need for reliable gas providers so that their operations can run smoothly. Our certified quality gas mixtures are designed to meet your exact specifications.

Breathing Life Into the Diving Industry
nexAir offers a variety of diving gases to help divers reach new depths without worrying about their gas supplies. 

Denser than air, argon works as a dry suit inflator and thermal insulator in deep-sea diving. It can help reduce the risk of hypothermia in cold water.

Helium optimizes breathing gas mixtures of oxygen and nitrogen to serve as a reliable gas carrier. It also helps reduce dizziness among deep-sea divers and is therefore useful for gas explorations and other commercial diving operations.

Nitrogen is commonly used in shallow diving (less than 30 meters). Since it’s a major component of air (78%), it’s used as a deep-sea breathing gas when combined with oxygen or oxygen and helium.

With the right breathing gas, divers can appreciate, discover, and advance their deep-sea activities. Combined with nexAir’s KnowHow, we can teach you how to use these gases efficiently and can provide them for you.

Let us help you breathe easy under the sea. 


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