How does nexAir make a difference in the workload of chemists?

How does nexAir make a difference in the workload of chemists?

If you are a Chemist searching high and low for a reliable, steady and high-quality supply of gases, you can end your search here. At nexAir, we provide you with more than just the basic gases that you need to successfully complete a project. We use our KnowHow to help you achieve higher efficiency combustion with oxygen-enriched gases while lowering production costs and cooling time. Our nexAir in-house chemists will continuously work with you behind the scenes so that you can run your facility with confidence and ease. The big question is, how exactly does this make a chemists’ job easier?


We do our job, so you can complete yours. 


Our in-house chemists and engineers work day in and day out to help you pay more attention to what’s most important – getting your job done! We know how important it is to show up to work and be “all in”, especially when you are in the lab. At nexAir, we let you tell us your needs upfront so you don’t have to worry about how you are going to get your gases and when they are going to get to you. We are always in constant communication and actually receive alerts when your supply is running low, so we can send out a truck to your site right away and get your tank filled up with no confusion or unwanted commotion. As a chemist, you can always stay focused on what you do best – finding solutions! 


Specialty gases


Special jobs deserve special gases and we have exactly what you are looking for to succeed. Our in-house chemists use their KnowHow to combine basic gases to create whatever blend you need to complete the task. Our two industry-leading spec gas labs are equipped with some of the best and latest technology, ensuring accurate and precise fills every single time. Our chemists provide you with a special mixed gas fill to match your unique specification, always. 


Partners in success


Gases are our specialty and if you are in need of a reliable and reputable source, we think we’d have a special bond. Our labs are positioned to serve you. With one located in Memphis, Tennessee and one in Atlanta, Georgia, we are ready to serve our customers. Our standards are high and we will never ship out a product unless it is perfect. Let us help you Forge Forward and choose nexAir to be the supplier for your next experiment. Contact us today to get started! 


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