How Dry Ice Helps Aid in Natural Disaster Relief

How Dry Ice Helps Aid in Natural Disaster Relief

Dry ice demonstrates flexibility in its applications. It is often used to store and transport perishable products, such as food and beverage, medicine, medical devices, clinical supplies, and carbon fiber items. Its functionality in time and temperature-sensitive shipments has also opened the doors to a better response during natural disaster relief.

The team at nexAir remains proactive in finding ways to make dry ice more accessible to you regardless of application. Here, we provide the KnowHow of dry ice applications and logistics services in natural disaster relief.

What are the applications of dry ice in disaster relief?

When natural disasters and emergencies occur, replenishing the food supply remains a priority on the list of relief efforts. Dry ice makes transporting perishable stock easier and keeps them cold or frozen until they can be stored in proper units or containers.

Power cuts and equipment failure are other types of cooling emergencies that often occur during natural disasters. In this scenario, you might have items, equipment, or stocks that need to stay cool, but the circumstances make this difficult. Dry ice can keep them cool until power cuts can be fixed and equipment failure can be addressed. As a result, you don’t have to face what could be a catastrophic cost of losing stock.

How do you safely handle dry ice during disaster relief?

Keep in mind that dry ice is essentially just carbon dioxide that is in its solid state. 

It isn’t a substitute for ice made with purified water, which is used in drinks or that comes in direct contact with food. In short, dry ice isn’t safe for consumption. That being said, if a natural disaster causes a power outage, dry ice can keep perishable stock cold or frozen for up to three days.

Moreover, avoid handling dry ice with your bare hands. Otherwise, it might result in frostbite or other injuries. Use goggles, thermally-insulated gloves, and other suitable types of personal protective equipment to prevent skin contact.

Also, ensure that the dry ice is stored in well-ventilated areas.

Get Quality Dry Ice and Other Gases at nexAir

Dry ice has various applications across multiple industries, ranging from temperature-dependent pharmaceutical laboratory testing to temperature-controlled food and beverage distribution. Of course, it also brings value to natural disaster relief efforts because of its capability to keep things cold and clean up thoroughly. 

For this reason, nexAir provides dry ice products, consultation, demonstration, and training to address your needs. We manufacture dry ice products through nexAir Carbonic, known for serving healthcare clinics, research labs, food production facilities, and other facilities and industries that require dry ice.

Forge Forward by investing in dry ice products and other industry-grade gases from nexAir. Not only do we make sure these items get to you right when you need them. We ensure that every product you receive from us is made of the highest quality.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about dry ice applications and orders.

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