Keeping Our Customers On Track

Keeping Our Customers On Track

nexAir is recognized as an authority when it comes to welding — from equipment and supplies to processes across various business industries. With decades of experience and a strong team of in-house experts, we know welding and the industry like the back of our hands.

We understand how an equipment breakdown or sudden need can disrupt the flow of operations and lead to unmet demands and financial losses.

In manufacturing, each unit and line has to perform optimally to meet the right quantity and quality. This is why you need a reliable partner who has your back when your machines fail.


Up When You’re Down

NexAir’s chain of repair centers in various locations enables us to respond promptly when you need us. Our team of seasoned technicians with decades of expertise and applied KnowHow can get your machine back up and running.

We can either pick up your faulty machine for repair in our center and then deliver it back to you or we fix it right at your site if it’s too large or inefficient to transport. 

We are the authorized warranty repair service provider for top-tier brands including ESAB, Miller, OTC, Hypertherm, Harris, Victor Technologies, Hobart Welding Products, Thermal Dynamics, Hornet Cutting Systems, and Lincoln Electronics.

Our skilled professionals provide diagnostic checks, tune-ups, part replacements, recalibrations, and testing services to repair various welding machines with advanced systems and tools.


Let’s Get Your Project Moving

We provide solutions for your special needs like occasional and small jobs, working in a temporary site, or when it’s more cost-efficient for you to rent rather than purchase equipment. Our extensive line of welding and cutting machines for lease can help get your project moving seamlessly without disrupting your processes or budget.

Moreover, you can leverage our expert team’s KnowHow to put things in motion, ensure operational capabilities, and optimize equipment capacity through proper use and application techniques.


Defense Against Downtime

Your operations don’t have to be at the mercy of your equipment. While regular maintenance can reduce mechanical glitches, machines are still subject to natural wear and tear. You can proactively maximize their lifespan while being ready to address technical issues by partnering with nexAir.

Downtimes caused by machine failure lead to delays and deviations. Their ramifications on production can be minimal or catastrophic. Always, immediate and proper action is necessary.

Don’t leave your equipment to inexperienced service providers who might aggravate the problem or lengthen your downtime.


Stay on Track and Forge Forward With the Right Partner

Machine failure is sometimes caused by improper operation, machine overuse or overheating, input inefficiencies, or too much or too little maintenance work. Ensuring that your people are trained to properly operate your equipment can prevent costly interruptions and stressful malfunctions.

nexAir provides you with training, demonstrations, and techniques to help your employees learn how to handle your equipment the right way and to help them troubleshoot and perform predictive maintenance basics.

We also provide technical support, repair service expertise, and equipment rental services to help you meet your targets and mitigate losses. Ultimately, our solutions help boost cost efficiency, and performance while supporting the proactive management of your assets and people.  

With nexAir as your reliable service provider, you can Forge Forward with our support, KnowHow, and equipment.

Contact us for tools, supplies, equipment repairs, and rentals. Find the solution you need with nexAir.

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