nexAir’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering a Culture of Belonging

Diversity and inclusion stand at the core of strength and innovation at nexAir. By embracing many perspectives, backgrounds, and talents, we drive innovation and strengthen our connection with a diverse customer base. Committed to cultivating a workplace where every individual feels valued, heard, and empowered, here is a look at how nexAir is championing a culture of belonging.

Inclusive Recruitment Practices

Our commitment to diversity starts from the very beginning of our employment process. nexAir employs inclusive recruitment strategies to attract a broad spectrum of candidates. By partnering with diverse professional organizations and participating in career fairs focused on underrepresented groups, we ensure our recruitment pool is as varied and rich in talent as possible. We also employ unbiased screening practices to ensure opportunities are based solely on merit and potential.

Comprehensive Diversity Training

To build an inclusive culture, ongoing education and training are key. nexAir provides comprehensive diversity training programs for all employees to enhance our collective expert KnowHow™ and reduce unconscious biases. These programs cover the basics of diversity and inclusion and delve into more complex issues such as cultural competence and intersectionality, ensuring that our team is well-equipped to collaborate respectfully and effectively.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We support the formation of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are employee-led groups based on shared characteristics or life experiences. These groups provide support, enhance career development, and contribute to personal and professional growth within the workplace. By giving diverse groups a voice, ERGs help foster a greater sense of community and belonging among our team members.

Leadership and Accountability

At nexAir, leadership plays a critical role in driving our diversity and inclusion initiatives. Our leaders are held accountable for making measurable progress in creating a more inclusive environment. We set clear diversity targets and incorporate them into our strategic planning. Regular diversity and inclusion assessments help us understand where we are and where we need to improve.

Support for Work-Life Balance

Understanding that diversity also means different needs and lifestyles, nexAir is committed to supporting work-life balance through flexible working arrangements. Whether it’s flexible hours, remote work options, or family leave, we strive to accommodate the diverse needs of our workforce. This flexibility is crucial for supporting a diverse team, including working parents, caregivers, and those with other external commitments.

Promoting Equity

Beyond diversity, we are committed to ensuring equity by addressing any structural biases in our policies and practices. This includes regular reviews of our salary structures, promotion practices, and performance evaluation criteria to ensure fairness and equity across all company levels.

Forge Forward Together

At nexAir, diversity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords—they are integral to our identity and operations. We create a more dynamic, innovative, and effective organization by fostering a culture of belonging. We are committed to continuing our efforts to make nexAir a place where everyone can thrive and succeed regardless of their background. Join us as we continue to build a workplace where diversity is celebrated, and every voice is valued.

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