nexAir’s Commitment to Education

nexAir’s Commitment to Education

When you choose a career at nexAir, you are choosing so much more than just a 9 to 5. At nexAir, we strive to put our employee’s future’s first through education, training and building relationships. Through the education of our employees, we not only help them excel in their careers, but we are able to continue to use our KnowHow to educate tens of thousands of customers each and every day. We are constantly aware of the continually changing technology, and industry techniques by being in the know and providing our employees with the knowledge that they need to succeed. 

nexAir Training

In order to keep our employees safe, we require all plant personnel to undergo regular training in the handling, filling and transporting of all products. This not only ensures a consistent product, but it allows us to keep every employee safe while on the job. Along with continuous training throughout the course of your career, we require new employees to take part in months of training under a veteran employee – analyzing, learning and asking questions, to make sure they are fully aware of nexAir safety protocols and that they feel 100% confident in all of the practices that they partake in. 

Evolving Industry Practices

Just like any hands-on career, a career at nexAir requires employees to stay on their toes. The industry is constantly changing, with new and improved technology, techniques and practices. It is extremely important for every single person in play to be fully educated on all evolving industry practices. To accomplish this, nexAir constantly and consistently provides our employees with courses, training and space to ask questions, shadow and learn from other employees and personnel. 

How We Encourage Our Employees to Forge Forward

From the moment you sign on with us at nexAir, you are encouraged to further, or start your education at any point during the course of your career. As a part of the benefits package, we provide each employee with an option for tuition reimbursement to further their career at nexAir. That means that you are able to go to school while you work with us, and we will reimburse the costs that come along with it. Education is just as important to us as it is to you, and we want each employee to have every opportunity to grow and succeed in and outside of nexAir! 

Educating Customers

All of this education has to pay off somehow, right? At nexAir, not only do we put our employees first, but we also put the education of our customers at the top of our priority list. Our employees are fully trained through education and hands-on experiences to answer questions, make quick and rational decisions and put their best foot forward in helping our customers Forge Forward. Every project is special and we are ready to be by your side along the way! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns that you may have – we are here and ready to answer. Thank you for choosing nexAir, we look forward to serving you!

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