nexAir’s Innovation Hub: Research and Development Initiatives


Over the years, nexAir has earned a reputation for its high-quality industrial gasses and welding equipment. But because of our KnowHow, we’ve become so much more. Our team is comprised of dozens of talented professionals. Each brings their unique experiences and deep understanding of industry practices to fuel innovation.

As a result, nexAir’s comprehensive Research and Development (R&D) initiatives enable clients across industries to benefit from all the tools and supplies they need to work with greater efficiency and establish new standards of excellence.


Commitment To Innovation

nexAir believes innovation is a continuous journey. This is why we place it at the heart of everything we do whether it’s creating custom gas mixtures for optimized welding or developing advanced materials to reduce welding defects.

Behind every breakthrough is a team of scientists and engineers who perform extensive research, experimentation, simulations, and testing.

Hence, our innovative products don’t simply enhance welding processes. They shape the future of the industry, offering new levels of precision and efficiency. 


Focus on Sustainable Practices 

As industries become more conscious about their carbon footprints, nexAir’s R&D programs excel in their unparalleled focus on sustainability. Our products and equipment reduce waste, are more energy efficient,  and lower the overall ecological impact of operations across crucial industries. 

Whether it’s driving new innovations through eco-friendly packaging and materials, or developing new ways to safely handle and use industrial gasses, our focus lies in finding solutions to real-world problems—and sustainability features are high on that list.  


Our Industrial Gas Initiatives

In our over 80 years as a leading supplier of industrial gasses, nexAir has pushed boundaries with its wide selection of specialty gasses and high-purity blends. 

As a result of our extensive R&D, our products have created value in some of the most crucial industries—including aerospace, construction, and food and beverage.

In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, where purity is crucial, we’ve developed novel methods to ensure the consistency of gas delivery.

Whether it’s for life-saving gasses like oxygen, gasses that make crucial equipment run like nitrogen, or those required for testing vaccines like carbon dioxide, medical experts know they can rely on nexAir’s extensive distribution network. 


Our Welding Initiatives

As welding processes become more advanced, there is an urgent need to invest in innovative solutions that reduce their ecological impact, price, and complexity. nexAir’s R&D initiatives thus prioritize these crucial aspects.

Whether it’s creating new gas blends to improve the efficiency of various welding processes or introducing new robotics and automated equipment, our welding innovations empower organizations. Our products and solutions allow them to tackle high-volume manufacturing processes and challenges while boosting productivity. 


Set New Standards With nexAir

nexAir’s innovative products, delivery, and robust customer service are the product of over 80 years of experience, expertise, and cutting-edge R&D initiatives.

It’s no wonder that we are one of the most trusted names in welding and industrial gas across the Southeast. To learn more about how we help crucial industries Forge Forward with innovative solutions, reach out to us today.

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