Why Use Dry Ice in Meat Processing

Why Use Dry Ice in Meat Processing

Safety is the most critical aspect of meat processing. The entire process entails turning animals like pigs, cows, sheep, and lambs into marketable and edible cuts of meat. It involves slaughtering, processing, packaging, and distribution. All this must be done while preserving the quality of the product without contamination or spoilage.

At almost every step of the way, dry ice is a necessity. 

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. Using dry ice in meat processing can make meat operations much safer for workers and consumers. One of its chief uses in meat processing is the prevention of bacterial growth, allowing meat processing plants to avoid spoilage. 

Purpose of Dry Ice in Meat Processing

Different industries use dry ice for various functions. It can be used in cleaning, the preservation of substances used in healthcare and life science, and food and beverage processing.

Meat processing is part of the food and beverage industry, and dry ice is a necessity in this area for two reasons:

Cold Storage

Meat should be immediately placed in cold storage to preserve its freshness. The low temperature prevents the growth of bacteria while helping the meat retain its flavor and texture. This is vital in the food industry. 

Ideally, meat should be frozen at -18℃ or lower. This temperature can prevent harmful pathogens from developing and spreading. Dry ice is useful in this type of application because its temperature can go as low as -78.5℃, which is extremely cold. 


Since dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, it doesn’t melt into water. Instead, it sublimates into gas. So, it will retain coldness for longer without creating pools of water that need to be cleaned up. 

What Are the Different Types of Dry Ice?

There are different types of dry ice. Each type has different uses. Let’s review them so you can see how their various forms can be used in the meat processing industry.

Dry Ice Pellets

These are cylindrical forms of dry ice. They are popularly used in the food and beverage industry for processing food items. They can also be used for storing and transporting meat in smaller batches.

Dry Ice Sliced Blocks

Dry ice sliced blocks are solid pieces of dry ice. They are large, slim, and ideal for transporting perishable products like medical supplies and food. This type of dry ice is also practical for transporting meat. 

Dry Ice Blocks

Dry ice blocks take longer to sublimate. They’re ideal for industrial and shipping purposes. 

Dry Ice Blasting Rice

Rice-sized dry ice is typically used in dry ice blasting. It isn’t directly used in meat processing but it can be used to safely clean food-processing equipment. 

The Right Dry Ice for Your Business

Finding the right dry ice for meat processing isn’t just about getting a good dry ice supply in the size that you need it. It’s also about getting dependable dry ice that consistently meets your requirements. 

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