Why You Should Have nexAir Automation Demos

Why You Should Have nexAir Automation Demos

Operation manuals and guidelines are important in teaching skills and knowledge but nothing beats experiential knowledge gained from actual demonstrations.

The core of our Forge Forward principle is making sure that you get the best value of the products you purchase from nexAir. Aside from the inherent value of our products and systems, we believe that their role in optimizing your production can be further enhanced with the development of manpower knowledge.

Transitioning to automation can cause apprehension among staff. Some of them may be concerned if they can adjust to the change and keep pace. 

Introducing new technologies to your processes isn’t always a quick and easy transition though their long-term benefits are well worth it. Whether the system has a steep learning curve or requires only a few adjustments, your staff will appreciate having relevant hands-on guidance to help them with necessary changes.

Expertly Equipping Your People
nexAir is responding to this need by offering classroom demonstrations to help reinforce staff’s on-the-job expertise. These trainings and demos are designed to enhance efficiency and reduce manual missteps, technical glitches, rejects, and injuries at work.

We help our clients Forge Forward with our expertly designed automation training programs. Each training lab is designed to teach your staff operational principles and processes of your newly adopted system. 

Our trainings employ the latest and most relevant techniques and equipment as well as effective instructional methodology like return demonstration. We create a practical and interactive learning environment to ensure the smooth sharing of knowledge and expertise throughout the course.

By prioritizing KnowHow, your people can maximize the value of automation, further enabling business productivity and profitability.

Aside from automation systems training, we also provide classroom and hands-on training for the following:

  • Laser welding and cutting systems
  • Cutting tables that are CNC-controlled 
  • Robotic positioning equipment
  • Robotic work cells
  • Modern TIG, sub-arc, pulsed-MIG equipment, and MIG welding
  • Plasma cutting systems

Going Beyond Technical Lessons
There are a wide range of benefits that come from attending and actively participating in our training demos. Beyond knowing which buttons to push and protocols to follow, our automation demo training helps boost your staff’s strengths from cognitive abilities to confidence. 

  • Our multi-sensory approach provides real-life experience and valuable learning experiences. Your people will learn on-the-ground skills by doing which helps retention and encourages psychomotor memory.
  • Hands-on learning cultivates values like collaboration, focus, obedience, humility, and diligence.
  • An interactive, face-to-face training stirs interest, attention, and motivation for learning new systems and applying their knowledge at work.
  • Actual demonstrations make learning complex concepts and systems easier compared to reading about them in manuals or deck presentations.
  • Our training fosters a sense of professional and personal growth since employees acquire new knowledge and skills.

Forge Forward with the Right Tools and Knowledge
nexAir KnowHow provides you with professional trainers who are experts in their fields. You can take advantage of their knowledge and experience through trainings that are designed to integrate your new nexAir equipment with their current capabilities.

After being in business for over 80 years, nexAir is considered a veteran in the industry. Our roster of technical experts includes engineers, chemists, cryogenic technicians, welding analysts, and medical equipment specialists. 

Together, we remain committed to empowering and enabling your business growth with the best nexAir products and services.


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