NAK Kiln Services

by | Aug 11, 2022

About the Customer:

NAK Kiln Services is a nexAir customer based in Pendergrass, Georgia that specializes in kiln installation, repairs, inspections, maintenance, alignments and rebuilds. NAK has the capability to fabricate all parts needed for kiln rebuilds, repairs and servicing and has trusted nexAir to support them in these processes for over 22 years.

The Problem:

NAK’s services include grinding and resurfacing work. Uneven contact surfaces can make it difficult to control the thrust of the kiln, which in turn leads to a slew of other problems. NAK initially used a competitor product for their grinding and resurfacing processes. With their high demand for grinding wheels and at $20 per wheel, the cost was starting to add up.

The Solution:

nexAir Territory Manager, Rodger Pitts, noticed the high volume of wheels NAK was going through and decided to suggest that they sample PFERD’s wheels as an alternative. Rodger worked with PFERD’s products before and knew that PFERD’s abrasives would be a powerful and economical alternative. The NAK team was a bit reluctant at first, and they did not think there was another wheel that could outperform the one they were using, but they went ahead and tried the PFERD Ceramic Oxide Grinding Wheel anyway. They said they would have been impressed if it had worked just as well as their previous wheels. The difference was immediately noticeable when Rodger demonstrated the PFERD wheels. It was easy to see PFRERD’s wheels outperformed the previous product. Even better, with PFERD, NAK saved 30% of the cost per wheel purchased. Thanks to Rodger’s expertise and KnowHow, and PFERD’s high value and quality product, NAK has exclusively used PFERD wheels for their processes ever since.