nexAir expands reach with acquisition of WELSCO

by | Jul 8, 2024

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Gas, welding, and operational services nexAir has acquired WELSCO, an Arkansas-based supplier of industrial and welding supplies.

Announced today (8th July), the purchase expands nexAir’s reach Arkansas and Oklahoma. This will complement nexAir’s existing 70 plus locations in the southeastern US.

Bill Proctor, President of nexAir, said, “This expansion is aimed at boosting productivity for both our current and future customers in these areas, reinforcing our commitment to growth and excellence.”

WELSCO was founded as Welder’s Supply Company in 1941 and has since grown into a business with 16 locations in Arkansas and the surrounding states.

As one of the largest independent, female-owned industrial gas and welding distribution companies, WELSCO serves a complete welding and cutting equipment distributor with a full selection of industrial gases for welding, cutting, plasma, and lasers.

Angela Harrison, CEO of WELSCO, said she is excited for the next chapter.

She added, “We have known and worked with our friends at nexAir for decades and are glad to be joining a company with a similar culture focused on doing what is best for the customer and our employees.”

“Customers will continue to be served by the same faces and service that they have come to expect from WELSCO. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for WELSCO while honouring the legacy built over several generations.”

In January 2023, industrial gas giant Linde completed its acquisition with the goal of boosting its packaged gas business and expanding its footprint in the southeastern US.

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Prior to the purchase, Linde Gas & Equipment held a minority interest in nexAir.

One of the largest privately controlled companies in its segment, nexAir was founded in 1940 as Standard Welders Supply and was later purchased in 1950. In 1996, Standard Welders merged with Mid-South Oxygen to form nexAir.

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