Technologies to make your workday easier and more efficient

Introducing nexTrack, a combination of innovative technologies to increase efficiency and enhance the experience for our customers. The technologies include Roadnet, Advanced Cylinder Management and TIMS Electronic Delivery.

When these technologies work in tandem, we are able to give you what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

Roadnet allows customers to see in real time when their products are going to be delivered and ensures the product gets to the right location at the right time.

The customer receives notifications providing them with ETA windows, updates on delays, and delivery confirmation.

Advanced Cylinder Management

ACM allows nexAir to keep track of all of their assets across plants, branches and customer sites. All cylinders, including industrial and medical, and dry ice boxes receive unique identification numbers and barcodes so that they can be scanned throughout the cylinder’s life cycle, from plant to branch to customer and back.

TIMS Electronic Delivery

TED allows drivers to go paperless and update order/delivery tickets at customer sites. The system allows the driver to update a customer’s PO, delivery quantities, and lot numbers while on-site. All changes made are reflected on the customer’s delivery receipt.

The system also allows the driver to make changes to their route if an emergency arises, or if a customer scheduled for later in the day needs to be serviced sooner. The driver can reschedule an order or create a future order to meet customers’ changing needs. Proof of delivery can now be emailed or printed on site (or both) from the driver’s mobile device.

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