Are You Ready for a Robotic Welding System?

Robotic welding uses automated robotic arms to weld two materials together. This welding system uses computer programs for automating the welding process. It is reliable and ensures consistency and quality in each weld. Many industries like aviation, automotive, and shipbuilding, among others, use robotic welding systems.   

Automated welding systems are available for robotic MIG welding, robotic TIG welding, plasma arc welding robots, and laser welding.  Or a custom robotic welding system may be in order for high production variable task welding applications.


Expert Robotic Welding (Operators Not Included—but Training Is!)

A welding robot does away with many manual welding-related issues. It reduces inconsistent welding quality because of varying skill levels. It improves accuracy, cycle time, weld seam quality, and repeatability. 

Building a Better Fabrication Process With Welding Automation

The robotic welding process lessens the complacency that tedious repetitive weld work brings. The system welds faster and more reliable while maintain control of welding power. As a result, welding operations have faster throughput and increased productivity at lower costs. It’s more cost-effective to install a system and train your team to run it than spend hours raising their skill levels to where you want them to be.

Witness the ease and efficiency of the Vectis Cobot Welding Tool.

Serving More Clients With A Welding Robot System

Robotic welding is used in many applications. Since its inception in the 1960s, robotic welding has revolutionized many industries in a big way. Advanced robotic and welding technology is a major factor in automation solutions for manufacturing, fabrication and assembly, and metal industries. 

Reliable, Consistent High Production Rates—Every Time

Robotic welding systems are used in high-quantity production. It is best suited for repetitive weld processes. It uses arc, resistance, laser, MIG, and TIG welding. It is cost-effective, provides improved quality, and has a higher production volume. 

Robotic Welding Systems for Big and Small Fabrication Projects 

Traditionally, only large manufacturing facilities use automated welding systems. But now smaller fabrication workshops are using them, too. nexAir’s Vectis Cobot Welding Tool is an example. It’s a system that’s adapted for high-quantity production and small fabrication projects. Scaling up (or down) isn’t a problem either. 

If you’re planning on adding a robotic welding system to your operations, let us know. Here at nexAir, you’ll not only get the system to suit your requirements, you’ll get service and support. We help our clients by matching them with robotic welding systems that fit their requirements and meet your needs.

Accomplish Your Goals with Welding Automation

Setting up your robotic welding system will depend a lot on your current facility and setup. Don’t worry, we can help. Here at nexAir, we not only provide automated welding systems to our clients we also provide service and support—from start to finish.

Is Your Fabrication Process Ready for an Automated Welding System?

The first two things you need to is: 

  1. Assess your robotic welding system’s compatibility with your current process and facilities. 
  2. Set up your robotic automation system. It is a two-step process—set up the robot itself, and then the robotic automation system itself.

Ready for a Trial Run? Let Nexair Help Set Your System Up

Once set-up is complete, your robotic welding system may now perform the work you program into it. It can operate efficiently and accurately and run faster production times. Automation is the key to robotic welding efficiency and nexAir can provide you with means to set up your system. You don’t have to worry about prior programming experience. It’s not a simple plug-and-play, but it isn’t complicated either. Our nexAir team can guide you through training, set-up, installation, and operation. You can count on nexAir for service and support, every step of the way. 

Is a nexAir Vectis Cobot welding tool right for your company?

Robotic Welding Equipment vs Manual Welding: The Advantages Of Using An Automated System

Robotic systems are becoming the preferred welding method because of their advantages. Key among these benefits is increased production at lower costs and are relatively easy-to-use.  When compared to manual, or traditional, welding techniques, robotic welding systems can do so much for so much less. True, the upfront investment can be high but you will be able to recoup it quickly. In less time then you would expect, really.   

Another reason for increased interest in robotics is labor shortages.  Skilled human welders are retiring and are not easily replaced.  The increased productivity and efficiency robots provide means one skilled human welder can scale up their output considerably with less effort. 

Indeed Collaborative Robots, or welding Cobots, combine the skill of a human worker with the speed and accuracy of robot arms to improve welding productivity and safety.  nexAir’s Vectis Cobot robotic welding cell is a low cost entry into cobotics for small to mid-size fabrication shops and welding projects.

Why is Robotic Welding More Important Than Ever?

Advanced robotic welding and welding automation solutions offer other advantages, too. They offer high precision, increased accuracy, and faster production. It offers reduced cost of materials and improved workplace safety. Robotic welding systems lessen the risks welders face on deep or intricate welds. That’s why systems like nexAir’s Vectis Cobot Welding Tool are attractive options. And we don’t just provide you with the system. We provide training, services, and support from start to finish.

Enjoy Greater Productivity, Yields, and Throughput with nexAir

Considering integrating automated welding systems like nexAir’s Vectis Cobot Welding Tools? We’re here to help. Robotic welding systems are enabling manufacturers and fabricators to optimize their operations. They help reduce costs and material waste as they create high-quality work. 

Robotic welding systems help make our cars and buses stronger and safer. They help make our airplanes and trains and shipping more durable and reliable. They help create opportunities for us to work and play, and enjoy life better than ever. Ready to get started? Trust nexAir to help you find the welding system that fits in with your facilities and processes.

A Robotic Welding System Pays For Its Way—Justifying Initial Cost 

As previously discussed, the upfront cost of getting a robotic welding system can be high. Whether you’re adding it to your current production line, or getting a new one. However, a robotic welding system can help keep your overhead low. Regaining your initial cost will be quicker, too. 

In mass production, automation means efficiency. It means reliability, improved production turnarounds, and increased output. The same goes for smaller fabrication projects. An automated system like nexAir’s Vectic Cobot will give you a competitive edge. Allowing you to stay on top of your timelines and hit your production goals in less time and cost.

Welding Solutions for Every Size & Budget

A robotic welding system offers greater welding accuracy and repeatability. It reduces human error and fatigue. A system like nexAir’s Vectris Cobot Welding Tool is versatile. It can be customized for projects of various sizes and complexities. Plus, we can assist you with compatibility assessments and installation. Need support, services, and supplies? We’ve got you covered.

Automated Welding Systems, Training, and Service by nexAir

If you’re looking for the best robotic welding systems available on the US market today, nexAir can help. We offer the highly regarded Vectis Cobot Welding Tool.

Here at nexAir, we support our clients in their endeavors. We provide them with complete solutions. We also provide complete solutions. From training and installation to services, supplies, and support for your fabrication needs. Let us know what you need and how we can help with top-shelf robotic welding solutions and fully committed service.

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