vectis cobot

The Vectis Cobot Welding Tool is one way the nexAir team uses KnowHow to make your projects easier and more efficient.

Features and Benefits:


  • Safety Net 30-Day Return Program: Return within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
  • Try Before You Buy rental and rent-to-own programs.
  • Honest and upfront Application Evaluations at no cost to you.
  • Lifetime Technical Support. Quick response times enabled by remote video chat (FaceTime, GoToMeeting, etc).

Lower Cost: 

  • Our Cobot Welding Tool is often 25-40% less than the all-in cost of a traditional robot cell.
  • DIY installation, setup, and training – no need to fly to our facility nor pay a tech to come on-site.
  • Shipping is included in our price. Most traditional systems require a costly dedicated air-ride semi.

Extreme Ease-Of-Use plus handy Software Features for welding:

  • No programming experience needed: Make your first weld within 10 minutes after plug-in.
  • Weld Template Library provides you with parameter starting points for common weld sizes.
  • Handy software features include Seam Tracking, Pattern, Stitch, Tack, Touch Sensing, MultiPass.
  • More features are continually being developed by Vectis’ in-house Welding Software Team.

Witness the ease and efficiency of the Vectis Cobot Welding Tool.

Get into production faster:

  • Our solution ships to you in a few short weeks.
  • Most customers are setup and in production within hours or days of system arrival.
  • DIY commissioning – no need to fly to weeklong training classes nor pay to have our tech on-site.

Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Technology:

  • Freedrive Jog allows the programmer to teach by physically moving the cobot to program locations.
  • Built-in safety allows the cobot to safely work alongside humans, without permanent barriers.
  • During production gaps in the weld shop, the cobot arm can even be repurposed to other tasks.

Portable, Compact, and Versatile:

  • Mobile and compact footprint – only 3ft x 6ft
  • Bring the Cobot Welding Tool to the work – no need for a dedicated footprint or work envelope.
  • Use the Rhino Cart surface to weld smaller parts; or wheel it up to a stationary part or existing fixture.
  • Versatile utility setup: system can interchangeably run on single-phase or three-phase power.

Download the free whitepaper

What Is The Vectis Cob0t

Download the free whitepaper

What Is The Vectis Cob0t

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