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Incorporating welding automation in your workplace can streamline company processes and increase productivity. The nexAir team has the supplies, knowhow to enhance work environment using power of robots.

Overcoming Staffing Shortages in the Welding Workforce

New welding professionals projected to be needed by 2024.*

*American Welding Society

Average welding jobs to be filled annually between 2021–2024.*

*American Welding Society

As many industry insiders already know, there’s a severe shortage of welders in the U.S. today. This shortage is only expected to grow. It’s projected that by 2024, the shortage of welding professionals will exceed 314,000 needed workers—including 160,000 welders who are approaching retirement age. What’s more, there just aren’t enough incoming welders to take their place.

These businesses still need solutions to maintain productivity and meet demand as they wait for more skilled welders to enter the workforce. With welders in short supply, small manufacturers and their employees will be the ones to feel the strain. Today, manufacturers need to find solutions—like automation—that will increase their productivity and balance out the effects of a shrinking workforce.

Automation is the surefire solution to bridge the gap in the welding industry’s staffing shortage problem. As the scarcity of skilled, available workers continues to increase, automation tools are the key. They can boost productivity, meet demand, and expand the power of each worker.

The problem? In the past, legacy automation welding solutions have been too costly and too much of a gamble. Equipment is bulky and expensive, and set-up and service fees have been too high for smaller manufacturers to manage.

nexAir is removing this roadblock, making automation and service a tangible, affordable solution—even for small, independent manufacturers.

More Affordable Than You Think

We offer rental and rent-to-own options, so you can get started right away. Plus, our experienced staff will help set everything up and give you the information you need to get the most out of your new machine.

The Perfect Pairing of Man and Machine

When you combine the power of automation solutions with the skill and expertise of professional welders, you get unbeatable productivity. Here’s how we benefit your team.

Superior Outcomes

Automation is a proven solution to limit errors and other variabilities, which provides better control and higher levels of consistency in overall product quality.

Improved Productivity

Our automation solutions cut down on assembly time and enable mass production around the clock for higher product output. You can even launch new products and start new production lines without interrupting your existing processes.

Better Employee Retention

Lighter workloads equal higher job satisfaction. Plus, automation handles all of the tedious details, which frees up your skilled workers to focus on more meaningful work—and happier employees who stay on the job longer.

Lower Operating Costs

nexAir’s automation solutions replace the workload of several people, which reduces labor costs. This also means less money spent on material wastage, energy and electricity usage, and inventory costs.

Enhanced Workplace Safety

Automation is safer. It reduces operator fatigue and cuts down on the risk for dangerous human error. Task automation keeps employees safe and out of harm’s way.

Is automation right for you?

At nexAir, our mission isn’t to sell you welding automation tools and maintenance services. Our lifelong goal is to provide you with practical solutions to increase your productivity and make your processes more efficient and predictable.

How do we make this happen? Through careful review of your products, services, and processes. We offer insight into how our solutions can support your production processes.

But the truth is, not all operations are a good candidate for automation. We’ll never recommend a welding automation tool if it doesn’t serve your needs. Whenever possible, we’ll even offer suggestions on how to fine-tune your processes to make them more automation-friendly.

At nexAir, we value truth, integrity, and transparency. We’ll leverage our years of experience to serve you, which means helping you make the most of the automation solutions and maintenance services you need—and sharing which ones you don’t need.

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