Acetylene (C2H2) Gas Supplier


Acetylene is a colorless gas that is lighter than atmospheric air. It can be produced as a by-product of a reaction between water and calcium carbide. Acetylene is one of the hottest gas and the most efficient of all fuel gases used in many industries. It is widely used in heating processes. Acetylene is available in gaseous form. 

Industrial Uses


Acetylene (C2H2) is utilized with other chemicals or elements like chlorine and hydrochloric acid to produce different variants of plastic like PVC and PVDF. These plastics are commonly used to fabricate several different household and commercial products.

Universities & Scientific Research

Acetylene (C2H2) is used to volatilize Carbon in radiocarbon dating in order to determine the age of carbon based items.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

This is an excellent fuel gas for use in welding steel, spot heating of metal materials, brazing, and basic cutting. It is also used for flame hardening materials, flame cleaning, texturing, as well as, thermal spraying.

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