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What is nexAir KnowHow™?

nexAir KnowHow™ is the engine of change for your business. It’s not about product, it’s is about APPLIED INDUSTRY KNOWLEDGE. Our staff of trained professionals are here to proactively work with you and your business, to find ways of helping you to be more efficient, improve margins, and help your business grow. The unique KnowHow™ of our professionals is the exclusive key that helps our customers Forge Forward.

Here are stories of how nexAir KnowHow™ has impacted businesses all over the Southeast!

Combating the Welder Shortage with JACOB Tubing Systems

JACOB Tubing Systems, a nexAir customer of seventeen years and running, created their manufacturing hub of modular tubing systems in the Greater Memphis Area. As a business breaching international markets, the size and scale of their projects has significantly increased since their start in 1998 as a sales and distribution facility. With growing demands for their services in arenas from pharmaceutical and food to chemical and automotive, the JACOB team wanted to develop their process to better fit the needs of the modern fabrication industry.

Automation Success with Browning Enterprise, Inc

In the past, nexAir has supplied hardgoods to Browning Enterprise, Inc, a steel processing and fabrication
company. Like nexAir, Browning made their beginnings as a family-owned business. As they have grown
from a one-man team to a company that creates components for skyscrapers, bridges, and ships, Browning
was faced with the reality of the modern fabrication industry. With the rising welder shortage, the company
realized that it was imperative to try something new.

Propane Joint Pain at National Tank

When National Tank expressed concern passing radiographic testing on their propane tests, their Territory Manager alongside the area Productivity Specialist decided to conduct a thorough study of their operations to determine the stem of the issue. During this two-day on-site visit, our team evaluated each step of National Tank’s production process to ensure we gathered all relevant information.

Southeastern Hose Transition to Automation

With the rising welder shortage, more companies are moving toward automation to combat the decline
of expert welders. Southeastern Hose, a company nexAir has worked with for over eleven years, has also
experienced the increasing pressures of the industry. In order to achieve an optimal solution to this
growing issue, their Territory Manager collaborated with them to evaluate their production processes.

Improvements During a Helium Shortage

One of nexAir’s customers located in East Tennessee has been working with Territory Manager, Ben Wilhite, for over three years. They manufacture drivetrain components and related systems and work primarily in torque converters and manual clutches.

DeShazo Crane

We are proud to partner with Deshazo Crane Company to ensure that their operations are as efficient as possible! With nexAir KnowHow™, we were able to bring a tough to perform weld process in-house by providing DeShazo employees with hands-on training.

First Community Care

By listening to the customer’s feedback, nexAir quickly implemented the changes First Community Care wanted to see. Bolstering the communication allowed for timely and efficient deliveries.

Quitman Community Hospital

The rural community of Marks, MS was devastated by the closure of their hospital five years ago. Quitman County hospital, a former customer of nexAir, closed its doors in October of 2016 leaving the community without basic medical services in their area.

Taylor Manufacturing

Taylor Manufacturing, based in Stevenson, Alabama, is a full-service metal working shop specializing in commercial and industrial components and assemblies.

Lewis Carter Manufacturing

Lewis M Carter Manufacturing (LMC) is a leader in systems, design and original equipment manufacturing (OEM) of separation and shelling equipment based in Donalsonville, Georgia.

NAK Kiln Services

AK Kiln Services is a nexAir customer based in Pendergrass, Georgia that specializes in kiln installation, repairs, inspections, maintenance, alignments and rebuilds. NAK has the capability to fabricate all parts needed for kiln rebuilds.

Taylor Machine Works

For over 95 years, Taylor Machine Works has been in the business of manufacturing heavy duty forklifts, container handlers and lift trucks. They know that when it comes to their day-to-day, even the smallest things can impact their bottom line.

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