Compressed Air Supplier


Compressed air is used in a variety of applications where ultra-high purity is not an issue. It is typically used as a medium for the transfer of energy. When combined with a fuel gas, compressed air produces a flame with a lower temperature than an oxy-fuel flame. Compressed air is available in gaseous form. Ultra Zero Air, Zero, Extra Dry, and other high purity gases available upon request. 

Industrial Uses


Applied as a process air which is used in direct contact for cleaning, aeration and product moving in a plant setting. It also has applied use with control valves and cylinders of equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Compressed air can be used in an air-fuel flame, which is suitable for brazing, soldering and carbon coating lower-temperature metal alloys. Because of this factor, it can provide welders greater control over the thickness of the carbon coat as compared to the use of an oxy-fuel flame.


Compressed air can be used in combination with other gases for combustion and process operations such as oxidation, fractionation, cryogenics, refrigeration, filtration, dehydration and aeration.

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