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At nexAir, we specialize in the supply and delivery of medical oxygen. Medical oxygen is a vital and commonly used gas. That’s why here at nexAir, medical oxygen gets a lot of attention and care. 

Our medical oxygen solutions and services play an integral role in medical scenarios. These include trauma situations, surgeries, medical research, and more. 

We understand the importance of oxygen in aiding different patient groups. Vulnerable newborns, the elderly, to individuals battling respiratory conditions like asthma to pneumonia. Medical research tools like incubators and bioreactors need this valuable gas. With nexAir, you can also count on having a  high-quality, readily available, and reliable supply of oxygen.  


Here’s What You Need To Know About Medical Oxygen

Medical oxygen is a high-purity form of oxygen gas. It is used for medical, healthcare, and research applications.  The purity level of medical oxygen is usually above 99%. The less than 1% left are minimal impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and moisture. 

Other types of oxygen gases are not as pure. They are used for industrial, laboratory, aviation, and other applications. Medical oxygen, on the other hand, must meet regulatory standards. These regulatory standards are set by pharmacopeia organizations. Two of the biggest in the world are the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.). 

Here are some qualities of medical oxygen that you may want to know: 

  • Medical oxygen is specifically produced to meet stringent safety and purity standards. They undergo specific purification and quality control. This is required because medical oxygen is used in healthcare settings.
  • The high purity of medical oxygen is important. It is vital for preventing contamination and potential harm to patients.
  • Medical oxygen is administered to individual patients through oxygen cylinders. These can be portable or stationary.
  • Medical oxygen can also be administered through centralized oxygen supply systems. This is the standard practice for healthcare facilities where patients are bedridden.
  • Medical oxygen is delivered in prescribed doses. Depending on individual needs, only the appropriate level of oxygenation is administered. This is done to ensure the correct dosage is given without causing harm to the patients.

The storage and handling of medical oxygen follow specific safety guidelines. These guidelines are in place to prevent accidents. Guidelines include such as ensuring proper ventilation and avoiding exposure to flammable materials. If you need advice or more information about medical oxygen storage, please let us know. nexAir offers solutions for medical oxygen supply, handling, delivery, and storage. Click here for a consultation. 


Applications of Medical Oxygen

Emergency Medicine

  • Medical oxygen plays a critical role in emergency medicine. It is often administered to stabilize patients experiencing respiratory failure.
  • Medical oxygen is also used in emergency medical services (EMS). It is often administered to patients while en route to the hospital.

Respiratory Support

  • Medical oxygen is widely to provide respiratory support to patients. It is used in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. 
  • Medical oxygen is used to assist patients with respiratory conditions. It is used for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, asthma, and others.
  • Medical oxygen is essential for patients with conditions that cause low blood oxygen levels. It provides the additional oxygen needed to maintain vital organ function.
  • Additionally, medical oxygen is used to assist patients in respiratory distress. These are patients with low oxygen levels in their blood. This was particularly prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Medical oxygen is vital as well for supporting respiration during surgeries.
  • Medical oxygen is also used in neonatal care units. It is used to provide respiratory support to premature infants with underdeveloped lungs.

Oxygen Therapy

  • Medical oxygen is commonly used in oxygen therapy. Medical oxygen is administered to patients to help with their symptoms. It is given to patients with low blood oxygen levels. It is also administered to enhance overall respiratory function.
  • Medical researchers rely on medical oxygen for a lot of applications. They use it to conduct experiments and studies. They use it during clinical trials that involve respiratory conditions and oxygen-related therapies.

Anesthesia Delivery and Support During Surgery

  • Medical oxygen is a crucial component in anesthesia delivery systems. It is used to induce general anesthesia.
  • During surgical procedures, medical oxygen is used to support respiration. Then,  medical oxygen is used for emergence from anesthesia.


Medical Oxygen Gas Requirements You Need to Know When You Order Bulk Supply

Medical oxygen is a critical component in healthcare settings. That’s why it is subject to strict requirements and regulations. These regulations govern production, handling, and distribution. They are in place to ensure the safety and quality of the medical oxygen you are getting.  

The specific requirements for medical oxygen can vary by country or region. Here are some common requirements and considerations when you are ordering medical oxygen:


Medical oxygen must meet a high level of purity. This means at least 99.0% pure oxygen. The presence of impurities, such as nitrogen or other gases, can be dangerous to patients. They can compromise the effectiveness of treatment.

Production Standards 

Medical oxygen should be produced in compliance with relevant production or pharmaceutical standards. Organizations like the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) set these standards in place.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Equipment 

During medical oxygen production, nexAir uses equipment of pharmaceutical-grade quality. This is vital to prevent contamination. This includes the equipment used in the production. It also includes storage equipment. It applies to the equipment, tools, and vehicles used for medical oxygen distribution.

Testing and Certification

nexAir is very aware that its medical oxygen needs to undergo rigorous testing and certification. This step is vital in meeting quality and safety standards. That is why we undergo regular testing. for purity, sterility, and compliance with regulatory requirements.


Here at nexAir, we make sure that our medical oxygen containers and cylinders are clearly and correctly labeled. Each container or cylinder we roll out must be labeled with the gas type, purity, lot number, and expiry date.

Storage and Handling

Oxygen cylinders and containers here at nexAir are stored and handled carefully. This prevents contamination, leaks, and damage. Appropriate ventilation and safety measures are also essential to ensure proper storage.

Quality Control

Manufacturers and distributors like nexAir must have quality control processes in place. This maintains consistent quality throughout the production and distribution of your medical oxygen.


Manufacturers and distributors like nexAir have tracking systems in place. They allow nexAir and healthcare facilities to trace their medical oxygen supplies. These systems help trace the source and production details of each batch or container of medical oxygen.


nexAir knows that part of compliance is documentation. Each batch of medical oxygen possesses comprehensive documentation. It includes production records. Testing results and quality assurance procedures are also included and maintained carefully. All this documentation is necessary and made available for inspection.

Regulatory Compliance

nexAir routinely undergoes inspection for its medical oxygen production and distribution. This compliance with relevant regulatory agencies is crucial in delivering high-quality medical oxygen. And committing to follow the standards of regulatory boards like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States or the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Europe is essential.

Emergency Procedures

nexAir emphasizes safety in all its production and storage centers. It has emergency facilities and procedures in place to address leaks, fires, or other safety incidents.


nexAir’s personnel are highly trained in the handling and administration of medical oxygen. Each team member has the expertise to ensure safe and effective production and delivery.

Patient Safety

The safety of patients receiving medical oxygen is of utmost importance. That’s why nexAir works closely with healthcare providers like you. We follow established protocols for the handling and delivery of medical oxygen strictly. We closely monitor our processes from start to finish to ensure patient safety and use. 

Compliance with these requirements is essential. And nexAir does its best to ensure the safety and efficacy of medical oxygen for your patients.

Please let us know how we can help you with your medical oxygen needs. We can do an assessment of your requirements and how nexAir can help deliver medical oxygen as well as other gases you need for your facility. 


Keep Your Medical or Healthcare Facility Well-Stocked with nexAir’s Medical Oxygen Supply

nexAir is your trusted partner for all your medical oxygen needs. We’ll help you maintain a healthy supply of high-quality medical oxygen for your healthcare facility. 

With nexAir’s reliable supply chain, you can rest assured that your facility will have an uninterrupted flow of medical oxygen. You and your patients will have medical oxygen when it is needed the most. We are equipped to provide and deliver bulk medical oxygen gas to ensure you have a steady and plentiful supply. 

Additionally, nexAir can prepare cylinders and containers for delivery. That way, you can provide the medical oxygen your patients need. We don’t just provide high-quality medical oxygen. We provide expertise and commitment to exceptional service.

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