Specialty Gases Supplier

Specialty Gases Require a Special Kind of KnowHow™.

Specialty gases are just that—our specialty. How do we do it? To start, two industry-leading spec gas labs outfitted with modern technology, ensuring more accurate and more efficient fills. But it’s how we apply our KnowHow with our in-house engineers and chemists who ensure every single tank of our wide range of gases and grades are crafted exactly to your specification.

Our Spec Gas Labs Can Deliver:

  • Research-grade gases
  • NIST traceable mixtures
  • Custom certified calibration mixes
  • Anaerobic and aerobic biological mixtures
  • Identical precision fills multiple cylinders simultaneously
  • PS calibration mixes
  • EPA Protocol
  • Industrial hygiene mixes
  • Specialty gas equipment

Our Labs are Positioned to Serve You:

Built to serve our customers, we have two labs; one in Memphis, Tennessee, and another in Atlanta, Georgia. Both are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited, which means our standards of precision and consistency are top-tier. (We won’t ship a cylinder if it’s not perfect.) Having two labs also delivers an added sense of security knowing that your gas supply always has a backup.

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