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Industry Gases



A key component of stainless steel refining, argon (Ar) helps to prevent oxidation of molten steel as is used as a stirring agent. Argon is also used to create an inert shield gas to enhance arc stability and characteristics of gas metal arc welding. It is also the primary gas for the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) process.



Hydrogen (H2) is used to prevent oxidation and is the key component in the heat treating process. It is also used to enhance plasma welding and cutting operations. Hydrogen gas is commonly mixed with argon for welding stainless steel.



A carrier and purge gas in steel production, nitrogen (N2) is used to prevent oxidation and can be used in the heat-treating process. In stainless steel tube welding, nitrogen is used as a purge gas. It is also used as an assist gas for laser cutting and enhances plasma cutting.



Oxygen (O2) is a component of metal processing, and is used to replace or enrich air, ultimately increasing combustion efficiency in both ferrous and non-ferrous metal production. Offering much higher flame temperatures and greater efficiency than just air, oxygen is widely combined with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and glass blowing.

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