Reduce operational drag and eliminate pit stops from start to finish by working with the experts! Our engineers, specialists, and industry experts will examine your process and find the best opportunities for improvement or automation.


Efficient. Innovative. Exact. Aerospace programs demand top-tier people, resources, and suppliers to stay ahead. And nexAir delivers so you can meet challenging production timelines with precision and operate a progressive R&D program.


nexAir has a healthy supply of medical-grade gases for all your healthcare needs! Whether you need bulk gas supply, cylinders, or portable oxygen and nitrogen systems, we will install, maintain, and monitor everything. So you have a continuous flow of the gases you need to give the care your patients deserve!

Food & Beverage

nexAir provides products for blast chilling, flash freezing, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) at the highest quality. So you can keep your standards of quality as high as possible. nexAir can also deliver reliable sources of dry ice for production, storage, and transportation of food and beverages that are always safe, fresh, and delicious.


Chemical testing and production requires repeatability and reliable quality gases—two things we do best. We can help you achieve higher efficiency combustion with oxygen-enriched gases or make your cryogenic systems more efficient with the perfect gas mix for faster cooling. Combustion, cooling, or anything in between, our in-house chemists will work with you to keep you running with high-grade gases for your facility.

Industries We Serve

Whether you’re in the O.R. prepping for surgery, on an oil rig touching up a weld, or running a fully automated CNC setup, you must have products that perform flawlessly every time. When they don’t work, neither can you. That’s why at nexAir we are determined to deliver equipment, gases and service that not only exceed regulations, but also expectations.

We not only provide top-of-the-line products to support all of the industries that we serve, but we are dedicated to staying well-trained and educated on everything that each industry needs to make the most out of the products we provide. Making sure that our customers are efficient and ahead of the curve is what keeps us going.

No matter your industry and no matter your needs, we have the tools and the KnowHow™ to achieve your goals.

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The knowledge, technology and techniques we provide are what make nexAir more than just a product supplier. Our people are not only industry experts, they deliver unparalleled services and expertise. The knowledge and insights we can provide you can propel your business forward.