Medical Gas Supplier

When Lives Depend On It

nexAir Healthcare understands that your tasks are critical to the lives of your patients. That is why our team works hard to make sure that you do not have the distraction of worrying about your gas supply. Whether you need bulk gas supply, cylinders, or portable oxygen and nitrogen systems, we will install, maintain, and monitor everything. So you have a continuous flow of the gases you need to give the care your patients deserve.

Leveraging our knowledge of the healthcare industry and its unique needs has helped our customers Forge Forward in their careers of saving lives. Being deeply integrated in the needs and daily tasks of our customers helps us provide the expertise that we are known for. Our products and innovative solutions enable our customers to gain more efficiency, safety and peace of mind. At nexAir, we help our healthcare customers achieve their critical task; improving and saving the lives in their communities.

We deliver on the gases you need for your specific application. For hospitals, surgery centers, hyperbaric wound treatment centers, dental offices, and home healthcare companies, all nexAir medical gases are produced at our FDA-compliant fill plants. Our in-house chemists will produce specialty mixes at one of our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited Specialty Gas Laboratories.

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