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More Efficient than Cylinders.
More Affordable than Bulk.

A microbulk system is a compact, on-site refillable tank that fits your facility and your budget. From industrial-grade to high-purity lab applications, microbulk has many advantages. Find out today by putting our KnowHow™ to work in determining the best microbulk solution for you.

Microbulk isn’t just for extremely large operations. Bulk gas systems can help smaller companies reduce insurance, cylinder handling costs, and free up floor space (no more storing cylinders). Plus, since there’s no lost gas from idle cylinders venting, you’ll even use up to 20% less product.

Microbulk Means Efficiency

  • Tank sizes from 450 to 3,000 liters.
  • Highly accurate programmable gauge.
  • Telemetry-ready for remote supply level monitoring.
  • Automatic truck delivery with no-loss filling process.
  • No cylinder handling or inventory management.
  • No lost gas from idle cylinders venting or residual product leftover inside cylinders.
  • Gas mixers available for blending common gas mixtures such as Ar/ CO2, Ar/O2, or any other gas mixture.
  • Uninterrupted gas supply.

Microbulk Means Consistency

  • Ultra high-purity tank systems available.
  • Ideal for lab applications.
  • Ideal for welding gas applications.
  • A single dedicated tank for your application.
  • No contamination from recycled cylinders.
  • One high-purity gas source for multiple machines.

Microbulk Means Safety

  • Lower operating pressure than high-pressure cylinders.
  • Fewer job-related injuries (no cylinder handling).
  • Greater peace of mind.

Microbulk Means Savings

  • Reduces product usage up to 40%.
  • Reduces cylinder handling costs.
  • Reduces insurance costs.
  • Eliminates floor damage and frees up work and storage space.

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