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Helium (He) is sourced mainly from natural gas wells. Helium has the lowest boiling point on Earth making it the coldest substance on Earth, and an ideal cryogenic agent across many industries. Because Helium is sourced naturally and our Earth is in short supply of natural Helium, many applications have recovery and recycling systems in place. Helium is available in liquid and gaseous form. 

Industrial Uses


Helium (He) is used in the aerospace industry for a variety of applications. From purging hydrogen systems to pressurizing fluid systems, helium is essential to aerospace and aircraft applications both in flight and on the ground. Helium also provides lift in weather balloons.


In the automotive industry, helium (He) is used to test for leaks and ensure quality on automotive parts like fuel tanks and radiator systems to make sure that they meet quality inspections. It is also used with argon to fill airbags.


Helium (He) is essential for operating MRI and NMP machinery. Because helium can reach temperatures of -451 degrees F, it is used to superconduct the magnets in these imaging machines, allowing the capture of high-resolution images of internal organs and tissues.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Helium (He) is an ideal gas for welding materials with high conductivity, such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel and magnesium alloys. In heat-treating processes, helium is added to furnace atmospheres to produce stronger, more durable parts.

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