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Oxygen (O2)  is a colorless and odorless gas and is the third most abundant element in the universe by mass. All living things depend on oxygen in some form. Oxygen is obtained on a commercial scale through liquifaction and distillation of ambient air. A second purification process may be necessary if ultra-high purity levels are required. The main industrial application of oxygen is combustion. Many materials that do not normally burn in air will burn in oxygen. Mixing oxygen with air greatly enhances combustion efficiency in iron, steel, glass and concrete industries. Oxygen is available in liquid and gaseous forms. 

Industrial Uses


Liquid Oxygen (O2) has prepared and launched many bipropellant vehicles since the early 1960’s. Oxygen is also used to support rocket fuel combustion in aircraft and aerospace engines.


Oxygen (O2) is used as a plasma cutting gas, an assist gas for laser cutting and is sometimes added in small quantities to shielding gases.


Oxygen (O2) is used in the manufacturing of a wide range of chemicals including nitric acid and hydrogen peroxide. It is used to make epoxyethane (ethylene oxide), which is used as antifreeze and to make polyester. Oxygen is used to make chloroethene, the precursor to PVC, which is formed into siding, blood bags and tubing. This can also be used for wire and cable insulation and for windshield system components.


Medically applied high purity oxygen (O2) is designed specifically for that purpose only. Used for medical treatments and engineered for use in the human body, filled medical oxygen cylinders contain a high purity of oxygen gas. There are no other types of gases allowed in the cylinder as this prevents unwanted contamination.

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Oxygen (O2), when mixed with fuel gases to create oxy-fuel, is applied through a welding torch to weld metals. It is also used to cut metals, as well as, for soldering and brazing. It also helps stabilize the weld arc and reduce surface tension when it is used as an ingredient in some shielding gas mixtures.

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