Count on nexAir for the gases you need to treat your patients

Whether you need a bulk gas supply, cylinders, or portable oxygen and nitrogen systems, we will install, maintain and monitor everything.

Rely on nexAir gases and KnowHow to treat your patients without having to worry about your supply.

We deliver on the gases you need for your specific treatment plan. When it comes to serving our healthcare heroes, we deliver high quality medical gases while leaning on our industry knowledge. All gases are produced at our FDA-compliant fill plants for our hospital, dental office, surgery center or home healthcare customers.

nexAir helps your industry Forge Forward with innovation in healthcare! We work to ensure that your hospital or healthcare facility is operating at max efficiency, meaning you are spending less time managing gases and more time focusing on your patients.



Forge Forward with your Innovation – Introducing Healthcare Grab ’n Go

Spend less time managing gases and more time focusing on patient needs.

nexTrack can deliver big savings

nexAir can deliver serious costs savings to your business. How? By taking advantage of our nexTrack technology, we can help you track inventory in real time. With nexTrack, you can access your inventory, shipments and deliveries all in one place. This ensures accurate reporting and tracking which can save you money in the long run.

Technology to make your work day easier and more efficient

Introducing nexTrack, a combination of innovative technologies to increase efficiency and enhance the experience for our customers. The technologies include Roadnet, Advanced Cylinder Management and TIMS Electronic Delivery. When these technologies work in tandem, we are able to give you what you need, when you need it, and how you need it.

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