Stay on the cutting edge of your industry.

Welding might be an old trade, but the tools, technology, and techniques are rapidly evolving. That’s why we built our Advanced Welding and Cutting Demonstration Lab; to learn about, showcase, and demo the latest gear that can help you push the limits of what’s possible.

Products + Process = S.T.A.T.

We’re not content just getting you the products you need when you need them. We’re also committed to ensuring your operations are top-notch. That’s where our Strategic & Tactical Assessment Team comes in. They evaluate how you work on a daily basis to help you cut costs, boost uptime, and max out your efficiency wherever possible. See how S.T.A.T. can help your entire operation.

A safe worksite is a successful one.

Safety is paramount. For ourselves, for our customers, and for our environment. We don’t take it lightly and neither should you. Learn more about why safety is so important to nexAir.

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