A Breath of Fresh Air: Medical Air in Ventilation and Respiratory Therapy

In ventilation and respiratory therapies, medical air plays a crucial role by providing a breath of fresh air for patients with respiratory conditions. This specialized form of compressed air, which has been filtered and purified to meet intense medical standards, is used in various medical settings to support patients’ breathing and improve oxygen delivery. From clinics and hospitals to emergency medical services and home care, medical air is a large component of respiratory care, providing a range of benefits for patients of all kinds. 

At nexAir, we work with customers in the healthcare industry on a daily basis by providing them with a reliable source of the medical air that they need for not only them, but also their patients to continue to Forge Forward. Keep reading and lean into our KnowHow as we share a bit more on the significance of medical air in ventilation and respiratory therapy. 

Medical air for mechanical ventilation

One of the main applications of medical air is in mechanical ventilation, where it is used to support patients who are unable to breathe on their own. Through mechanical ventilators, medical air is delivered to the patient’s airways, assisting with inhalation and exhalation to ensure sufficient oxygenation and carbon dioxide removal. This life-saving intervention is key for patients with respiratory failure, acute lung injury or any other conditions that compromise their ability to breathe effectively. 

Medical air in respiratory therapy

Along with mechanical ventilation, medical air is also used in respiratory therapy to treat an array of conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and cystic fibrosis. By delivering a controlled flow of medical air to the patient’s airways, respiratory therapists can help open up narrowed air passages, improve oxygen exchange and alleviate breathing difficulties. This approach can not only enhance lung function, but also relieve respiratory symptoms and promote better overall respiratory health. 

Medical air as a carrier gas

Medical air also serves as a carrier gas for inhaled medications such as bronchodilators and nebulizer treatments. By combining these medications with medical air, healthcare providers can deliver them directly to the patient’s lungs, where they can then exert their therapeutic effects more efficiently. This targeted delivery method ensures optimal medication absorption and effectiveness, especially in patients with respiratory conditions that require frequent or intensive treatment. 

A safe and reliable choice

Medical air is a safe and reliable source of respiratory support, as it is free from contaminants and impurities that could jeopardize patient health. Through careful filtration and purification processes, medical air is produced to meet strict quality standards, ensuring its purity and sterility for medical use. 

Forge Forward with nexAir medical gas

nexAir healthcare understands that your tasks are critical to the lives of your patients. That is why our team works hard to make sure that you do not have the distraction of worrying about your gas supply. Whether you need bulk gas supply, cylinders or portable systems, we will install, maintain and monitor everything – that way, we can continue to Forge Forward, together.

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