A Breath of Fresh Ideas: nexAir’s Gas Solutions in Research and Development

Industrial gases play a critical role in research and development across many industries and applications. From the medical and life sciences sector to food and beverage, metallurgy, electronics, and more, specialty gases enable innovation, enhance quality control, and streamline manufacturing processes. As a leading distributor of industrial, medical, and specialty gases, nexAir brings value to R&D efforts through its range of gas products, application expertise, and commitment to service.

nexAir’s Gas Solutions in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sector

In the medical and pharmaceutical fields, nexAir provides the high-purity gases and dry ice critical for research, testing, and production of vaccines, drugs, and medical devices. Gases like nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and argon allow for inert environments needed in sensitive drug development and medical equipment manufacturing. nexAir’s extensive distribution network ensures reliable supply of these gases in large volumes across the country. We also offer on-site gas generation systems for uninterrupted access to key gases.

nexAir’s Gas Solutions in Food Manufacturing and Processing

nexAir’s food grade gases play an important role in food and beverage R&D by enabling modified atmosphere packaging, freezing and chilling, and other processes that ensure quality and safety. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and nitrous oxide allow for optimized food storage conditions, freshness preservation, and efficient freezing and chilling both in manufacturing facilities and research labs. nexAir is an industry leader in beverage carbonation applications. Our full suite of beverage carbonation gases, gas cylinders, regulators, and associated equipment are widely used in R&D of carbonated soft drinks, beers, and other bubbly beverages.  

nexAir’s Gas Solutions in Metallurgy and Materials Science

In metallurgy and materials science research, nexAir’s gases facilitate analysis, surface treatment, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and other nexAir specialty gases are used in spectrometry, chromatography, leak detection, and other analytical methods to enable better understanding of metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, and composites. Gases are also vital to surface hardening, cleaning, and coating processes like laser cladding, PVD, CVD and more. nexAir offers turnkey gas and equipment systems for reliable delivery of these gases in lab and production environments.

nexAir’s Gas Solutions in Electronics Sector

The electronics sector also relies on specialty gases for nearly every stage of semiconductor and other electronic component development and manufacturing. From wafer fabrication to chip etching, doping, cleaning, and testing, gases like oxygen, hydrogen, helium, argon and nitrogen are integral to R&D and production processes. nexAir supplies high-purity, precisely blended gas mixtures in a variety of compressed gas and liquid delivery systems to meet the unique needs of electronics industry research and manufacturing facilities.

nexAir’s Gas Solutions in Research and Academics

With expertise across such a wide range of gas applications, nexAir is a valuable partner for R&D programs in academia, industry, and government. In addition to supplying the right specialty gases and equipment, nexAir’s highly trained gas system specialists provide unmatched application support and troubleshooting services. We offer end-to-end program design, installation, operation, maintenance and analytics – enabling customers to optimize gas system performance while focusing their resources directly on critical R&D initiatives.

Forging forward with nexAir’s Gas Solutions

nexAir’s comprehensive portfolio of industrial gas, medical gas, specialty gas, food grade gas, and dry ice products provides researchers an arsenal of tools to enable innovation. Continuous enhancement of analytical methods, manufacturing techniques, safety protocols, quality control, and more are possible thanks to nexAir’s superior gas solutions. With customer service at the heart of our business, we empower new discoveries across diverse industries to ultimately make research faster, safer, more efficient and more productive.


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