A Close Look into the Market Dynamics of Dry Ice

A Close Look into the Market Dynamics of Dry Ice

Recent reports suggest that the dry ice market will grow from a 269.01-million-dollar market in 2022 to a 374.36-million-dollar market by 2028, with a projected 5.7% CAGR from 2022 to 2028. This can be significantly attributed to the steady demand for food-grade and industry-grade dry ice that can be used for various applications.

But how exactly do the market dynamics of dry ice for food and beverage, industrial cleaning, the entertainment industry, and other applications come into play? 

Can dry ice manufacturers and suppliers keep up with the growth factors attributed to these applications, especially with a carbon dioxide shortage?

Our team at nexAir is dedicated to improving your business through cost-efficient gas solutions. One of the ways that we help you Forge Forward is by providing dry ice data and supplies even during times of carbon dioxide shortage. Below, we tackle the increasing demand for dry ice while the market strives to alleviate the shortage.

Insights into the Continued Demand for Dry Ice

The U.S. continues to experience a shortage of carbon dioxide supplies amidst cases of gas contamination. This is causing production line delays, resulting in limited CO2 products. The carbon dioxide shortage isn’t seriously alarming. It’s just a matter of finding dependable suppliers and regulating usage until the deficiency is addressed.

In the meantime, the demand for dry ice continues to rise despite the CO2 supply crisis.

For example, food companies continue to find the most cost-effective way to use dry ice in cold chain management and food processing. By achieving this, they can further prevent spoilage and thoroughly clean production lines. On a related note, supermarkets that offer home deliveries have also upped their need for dry ice.

Considering how dry ice is one of the most in-demand outputs of CO2, nexAir strives to provide a stable supply of quality dry ice for the food and beverage industry and other applications within a broader range of industries.

Let’s Discuss Your Dry Ice Needs at nexAir

Dry ice is a solid form of CO2 that has two primary purposes — to keep items cold and to clean something thoroughly. And here at nexAir, you get quality products that can do just that. You can expect to find cold and clean dry ice products for your varied needs.

We manufacture each dry ice product through nexAir Carbonic, which readily serves food production facilities, healthcare facilities, research facilities, and more. 

For example, our dry ice product’s healthcare and life science applications include blood transportation, organ transportation, tissue preservation, sample preservation, and temperature-dependent laboratory testing. Food and beverage industry applications include dry ice blast cleaning systems, temperature-controlled meat and poultry processing, and safe packing, transportation, and distribution of foods.

Additionally, our team provides the KnowHow you need for all things related to dry ice, including consultations, demonstrations, and training for specific applications.

Get in touch with us for now for inquiries about dry ice!


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