Accuracy Assured: Medical Gas Mixtures for Calibration and Quality Control



Accuracy Assured: Medical Gas Mixtures for Calibration and Quality Control



In the medical field, accuracy is extremely important regarding medical gas mixtures for calibration and quality control. These mixtures are critical when ensuring the precision and reliability of medical devices and analytical instruments. At nexAir, our team of skilled experts work hard day after day to ensure our customers in the healthcare field have consistent supplies of the gases they need to Forge Forward. Keep reading as we share our KnowHow on the significance of accurate medical gas mixtures, their application in calibration, quality control and more. 


The Importance of Accuracy in Medical Gas Mixtures


Having accurate medical gas mixtures is crucial when it comes to needing precise measurements for patient safety and effective diagnosis. Medical gas mixtures are typically used in the calibration and quality control of gas analyzers, flow meters, respiratory medical devices and anesthesia machines. These mixtures allow healthcare professionals to validate the accuracy and performance of the devices, ensuring accurate readings and reliable results. Having an inaccurate gas mixture can lead to false measurements, potentially hurting the patient and influencing incorrect medical decisions. 


Applications in Quality Control and Calibration


Medical gas mixtures find great use in the calibration and quality control of medical instruments. For example, gas analyzers rely on accurate reference gases to calibrate their sensors and ensure precise measurements of gas concentrations. Flow meters, on the other hand, require calibrated gas mixtures to accurately measure gas flow rates. Anestheisa machines and respiratory therapy devices rely on precise gas mixtures to deliver the appropriate concentrations of oxygen, nitrous and other gases to patients. By using the accurate medical gas mixtures, healthcare facilities can maintain the performance and reliability of these devices, ensuring optimal patient care and safety. 


Ensuring Accuracy in Gas Mixtures


To ensure the accuracy and reliability of medical gas mixtures, specific measures are taken throughout their production and distribution. Gas mixtures are prepared using precise gas blending techniques and high-quality equipment to achieve the required composition and concentration levels. The production process follows a strict quality control protocol, like thorough testing and analysis to check accuracy. 


At nexAir, we understand that your tasks are critical to the lives of your patients. That is why all medical gases are produced at our FDA-compliant fill plants and are installed, maintained and monitored by our team. You can rest assured in knowing that you will have a continuous flow of the gases you need to give the care that your patients deserve. Ready to get started with your own supply? Reach out today!

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