Achieving Profitability with Welding Positioners

Achieving profitability with welding positioners

Welding positioners have many great benefits, including optimizing the welder’s time and floor space, resulting in an increase in productivity, profit, safety and ergonomics. Just think about it. Some of the largest welding projects can weigh thousands of pounds, increasing the danger and difficulty of the task. Just this factor alone creates a feeling of fatigue and wasted energy. The welding positioner eliminates all of this, helping you make high-quality parts, faster. What does the welding positioner do? Safety issues are solved by bolting large, heavy, or awkward weldments right onto the positioner, which controls the rotation of the parts. 

Our welding positioners provide: 

  • 360 degrees of rotation
  • Better access to difficult angles
  • Synchronization to stay level

How does this increase profitability? 

Welding positions can actually increase your profitability in a few ways. Let’s discuss! 

Maximum Arc Time

Welding positioners allow operators to safely speed up the handling and the rotating of a part, saving labor hours and increasing the welder’s arc time. 

Optimal Orientation

Production rates dramatically increase when the parts are correctly positioned for welding and assembly. Your employee’s safety matters the most when it comes to a job. The welding positioner allows them to access the parts in an optimal position, allowing them to work more confidently, safely and efficiently. 

Less Time Wasted

Any type of automated welding, or tactic, automatically speeds up the job, wasting way less time than manually completing the task. Welding positioners dramatically increase productivity, allowing you and your employees to focus on other important projects and jobs. 

Quicker Training 

With easy-to-use functionality, any welder, experienced or inexperienced, can learn their job and processes quicker. This means you are spending less time and money training employees, and more time actually getting the job done. No additional costs for training sounds like a major win to us! 

How nexAir Can Help You Forge Forward! 

It comes as no surprise that welding positioners can be a great investment for your business. Welding positioners can actually boost your production throughput by as much as 30-40%+ and most customers see a return on investment in less than 12 months. By purchasing a welding positioner, you are choosing to put the safety of your team first and maximize your time and effort, all while producing highly accurate and precise welds. At nexAir, we want nothing more for our customers than to see them succeed. We encourage you to lean into our expert industry KnowHow and continue to learn more strategies, techniques and tools to maximize your business. Together, we can Forge Forward! 

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