Adding Fizz to the Mix: Dry Ice Applications in Beverage Carbonation



Adding Fizz to the Mix: Dry Ice Applications in Beverage Carbonation



A crisp, bubbly beverage is more than cracking open a cold can. Carbonation is added to beverages by traditional methods such as the use of pressurized gas, but also by unique methods, like the use of dry ice. Dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide, has emerged as an innovative alternative and offers an exciting approach to carbonating beverages. At nexAir, we offer dry ice solutions and supplies to customers across various industries, allowing them to Forge Forward in their day-to-day tasks. Keep reading as we explore some of the applications of dry ice in beverage carbonation, its advantages and all of the awesome creative possibilities it brings to the industry. 


Quick Carbonation Process


Dry ice offers a quick and efficient method for carbonating beverages. Once added to a liquid, like water, dry ice sublimates, releasing carbon dioxide gas. The gas bubbles then disperse through the liquid, leaving us with that bubbly drink we know and love. Unlike some of the traditional carbonation methods that require time and special equipment, dry ice offers a rapid carbonation process, making it a good choice for small-scale home experiments, as well as large-scale production. 


Customized Carbonation Levels


Another great advantage of dry ice for beverage carbonation is the ability to customize the carbonation levels. By adjusting the amount of dry ice added to a beverage, we can control the level of fizziness based on personal preference. No matter the amount of bubbles one may want, dry ice allows for flexibility and experimentation. This gives many opportunities for beverage enthusiasts to create unique concoctions tailored to their liking. 


Enhanced Flavor Experience


The use of dry ice in beverage carbonation allows us to preserve the flavor of the drink. Unlike other methods that introduce oxygen or alter the pH, dry ice carbonation reduces these effects. The use of dry ice ensures that the original taste and quality remain as they were at the start, providing a refreshing and authentic drinking experience. This is great for the carbonation of craft beers, wines and special sodas. 


It comes as no surprise that dry ice offers a unique alternative when it comes to carbonating beverages, providing a quick and custom carbonation process. Its ability to preserve flavor and create a customized drinking experience makes it a great choice for beverage industry professionals. The use of dry ice opens up a whole new world of possibilities when adding fizz to the mix – and at nexAir, we are happy to be a part of it through the supply of high-quality dry ice. If you are interested in learning more or are eager to Forge Forward with us into the future, please reach out to our team today!

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