nexair Uses Applied Knowledge To Tailor Products, Gas Supplies, Technical Methods, and More

Nexair Uses Applied Knowledge To Tailor Products, Gas Supplies, Technical Methods, and More

If you’re looking for supplies, equipment, technology, guidance, and techniques to take your business to the next level, nexAir is your partner to Forge Forward.

We know that every organization has its standard procedures and requirements. We address this need by adopting a tailored approach for every customer. At nexAir, there’s never a one-size-fits-all approach to customers’ processes, regardless of their specialization and industry.

We use our applied knowledge, what we call KnowHow, to tailor our products, services, and technical methods according to your specifications.


Using nexAir KnowHow to Exceed Expectations Across Industries

nexAir serves a wide range of industries from aerospace to diving, electronics production to healthcare, shipbuilding, scientific research, and more. Our products’ wide range of applications has taught us to become agile partners, ready and flexible enough to adapt to the changing and varied needs of our many and different clients.

Our experts are adept at assessing, recommending, and helping you run with the technical requirements that your production and operating processes require. We use our applied KnowHow, automation tools, and products to ensure that we meet and exceed regulations and expectations.

With our collective KnowHow and equipment, we help you eliminate pit stops in your project, reduce operational drag, cut downtime and material costs, and Forge Forward in your industry.


Never Run Out of Consumables

To stay relevant and on top of your game, you need the best people, resources, and suppliers. We at nexAir can help you beat your challenging production timelines and achieve quality results by providing you with the right equipment, materials, and other consumables.

Our team of specialists, engineers, and industry experts will examine your processes and find solutions that are best suited for your needs. We ensure that you have steady and reliable access to the supplies you require whether it’s bulk specialty gases, welding supplies and equipment, automation solutions, dry ice, and more.


Equip Your People to Forge Forward

We equip your people with the latest techniques and technology so that they can Forge Forward with our equipment and products.

From hands-on classroom demonstrations that can reinforce on-the-job expertise to employing the latest and most relevant techniques in the industry, nexAir fosters a learning atmosphere that’s practical, effective, and results-oriented.

We use our KnowHow to help you reduce mistakes, glitches, and injuries at work while enhancing your company’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.


Trusted Partner for all Welding Supplies

The applications of welding are far-reaching and impactful anywhere in the world. We at nexAir are committed to providing the best quality products and services to ensure that welding operations are neat, safe, and efficient.

For decades, we’ve served several industries by supplying heavy-duty power tools, welding gases, and a world-class selection of welding equipment to suit our customers’ various needs and requirements. We also offer a wide selection of pure and blended welding gases for short and long-term projects. 

Along with our products, you’ll have access to a technical team with updated welding KnowHow.


Partner with nexAir Today

Are you ready to Forge Forward with nexAir? In the 80 years we’ve been in business, nexAir has become a trusted partner and supplier. We employ the best technical experts such as chemists, welding analysts, engineers, and cryogenic technicians to ensure that our industry knowledge remains deep and unprecedented. 

All our products, solutions, and techniques are reviewed and updated regularly. We also ensure compliance with industry standards so that all our products and services generate precise and consistent results, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

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