Hygienic Fabrication: Automated Welding Solutions for Food and Beverage Equipment


Hygienic Fabrication: Automated Welding Solutions for Food and Beverage Equipment

One of the most important parts of the food and beverage industry is ensuring that the hygiene within the manufacturing process is in tip-top condition. In fact, welding plays a huge role in fabricating equipment used in food processing, packaging and storage. When it comes to reaching the highest hygiene standards, automated welding solutions have emerged as a game changer. These advanced techniques offer precise and contamination-free welds, significantly reducing the risk of bacterial growth, as well as ensuring the integrity of the equipment. At nexAir, we work day in and day out to make sure that our team, equipment and techniques are all up-to-date and efficient in order to help our customers Forge Forward in every project that they take on. By doing this, we have gained plenty of KnowHow along the way – especially when it comes to welding in the food and beverage industry. Keep reading as we will discuss the significance of automated welding solutions in the hygienic fabrication of food and beverage equipment and the benefits they bring to the industry. 


Contamination-Free Welds

Automated welding solutions provide a significant advantage in maintaining the hygiene of food and beverage equipment. The key precision and spot-on consistency that these techniques offer result in contamination-free welds, every single time. For example, in orbital welding, a fully automated system rotates the electrode around the joint, ensuring consistent fusion and minimizing the presence of defects or irregularities. With laser welding, precise and localized heating is enabled, which then minimizes the heat-affected zone, reducing the potential for contamination. These techniques, as well as others, significantly reduce the risk of bacterial growth and ensure the integrity of welded joints in food and beverage equipment. 


Cleaning and Sanitation 

Hygienic sanitation in the food and beverage industry requires equipment that is easy to clean and sanitize. These automated welding solutions help to contribute to this by minimizing the presence of crevices, cracks or irregularities in the welded joints. Smooth and continuous welds created by these techniques allow for easy cleaning and sanitation, due to there not being any trapped food particles or bacteria-prone areas. 


Corrosion Resistance

In the food and beverage industry, the equipment being used is often exposed to corrosive substances, washdown procedures and temperature fluctuations. Automated welding solutions provide great corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity and durability of equipment. By using the latest and appropriate welding techniques and materials, manufacturers can create welds that are resistant to chemical exposure and harsh cleaning agents. This not only reduces the risk of corrosion but also the risk of pitting and rusting, which can all compromise the structural integrity and hygienic properties of the equipment. 


Efficiency and Productivity

Automated welding solutions not only contribute to hygienic fabrication but also enhance the efficiency and productivity in the food and beverage industry. These techniques and solutions offer faster welding speeds, consistent quality and reduced needs for rework or repair. The use of these advanced robotic welding systems allows manufacturers to continue to meet increasing demands while maintaining high standards of health and hygiene in the food and beverage industry. 


At nexAir, we offer welding solutions across various industries. We not only provide customers with the tools that they need but also with the training and KnowHow needed to Forge Forward. If you are interested in learning more about the latest automated welding equipment and techniques used in your industry, please contact our team today! 

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